Microsoft to Opt for Open Source Chromium for its Edge Browser, Will be Available on Mac too


Microsoft recently decided to move its Edge Browser from its proprietary browser engine, EdgeHTML, to the open source Chromium. The company which once used to share a huge chunk of web browsing market is now struggling to keep up with Google‘s popular Chrome browser. Even though Windows 10 packs Edge as a built-in browser with around 700 million active devices, it still shares a small fraction of the market.

The Chromium-based Edge browser might be able to achieve what the original Edge browser couldn’t do. On top of that, Chromium-based Edge will made its way to Windows 7, Windows 8 and even macOS. This is not the first time the brand will be working on a Chromium platform. For those who’re unaware, Edge Browser on Android is powered by Chromium.

Edge on Chromium will support all the Chrome Extensions

Microsoft Edge Browser on Chromium will receive timely updates just like the Chrome. Another good thing about the browser is going to be its extension support. For those who totally depend on extensions for a good web experience, Edge on Chromium is not going to be a disappointment since it will support all the existing chrome extensions. Apart from this, Microsoft will still support the existing UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. The UWP apps uses EdgeHTML/Chakra JavaScript engine combination which the new Chromium-based browser will still support. Although, developers will have to modify the apps to support the Windows 7 operating system.

Users will now be able to install PWA apps from the browser itself which currently they are not able to do on Edge browser. Microsoft previously tried to lock both developers and users into the Windows ecosystem where web apps are only available in Windows store.

Microsoft Loves Open Source Now More Than Ever

For those who’re unaware, Microsoft earlier this year acquired the popular GitHub announcing its love towards the open source community. The company also switched to Chromium for the Android platform. Microsoft will soon switch to Chromium platform for Edge Browser which clearly indicates that the brand is looking to involve more in the open source community. We’ll have to see whether the users will adopt the new overhauled Edge browser or not. Although, the one thing which we’re pretty sure of is that the developers will actually embrace the company’s new move.