Microsoft Surface Neo is a Dual-Touchscreen Foldable Tablet that Runs Windows 10X OS

Microsoft Surface Neo

Back in May, we did a story exploring the possibility of whether future laptops will completely ditch the keyboard for dual-screen setup. We haven’t got a solid answer yet, but going by Microsoft’s latest line-up, things seem to be heading that way. At its New York event, the software giant introduced its new Surface Neo. This machine features a laptop like a hinge with screens on both sides. Yes, the Surface Neo doesn’t feature a physical keyboard or trackpad. This gadget is not the first of its kind as Acer’s Iconia 6120 was the first machine to let go of the keyboard in favor of an additional screen back in 2011. It was an interesting piece of hardware but had too many rough edges. However, Microsoft’s product seems far more refined. Let’s run through its unique list of features.

Surface Neo Specifications

The Surface Neo looks like an overgrown Surface Duo. The gadget opens like a diary to reveal two 9-inch LCD screens. Together these panels form a 13-inch display. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill LCDs. Microsoft claims that the Surface Neo features the thinnest ever commercial LCD measuring just 5.6 mm. For scratch protection, Microsoft has opted for Gorilla Glass on both screens. You can use the Neo to watch content on a large screen or use it as a laptop by turning one display into a soft keyboard. Need that tactile feedback? Worry not, the Surface Neo’s magnetic cover can be flipped around to add a keyboard at the front. The gadget recognizes the remaining screen area and turns it into ‘Wonder Bar’. Think of it as Apple’s touch bar, but a lot bigger.

Surface Neo

At the core of the Surface, Neo is the Intel Lakefield hybrid processor. It stacks Sunny Cove and Atom CPUs to strike a balance between power and battery efficiency. These chips are based on 10 nm nodes. To make most of the dual-screen setup, the Surface Neo ships with Windows 10 X. This version of Microsoft’s operating system is tailored for such form factors. It won’t be released as an update to the existing build of Windows 10. Microsoft’s hardware partners including ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo are gearing up to launch Windows 10 X based dual-screen devices by the end of 2020. The company claims that the software lets you seamlessly move your tasks between two screens. And of course, there’s plenty of room for multitasking.

Surface Neo Price And Availability

The Surface Neo is still in its testing phase. Microsoft is planning to release it during Christmas of 2020. Till then, the Redmond based company might alter a few design elements and features. At this point, there’s no information regarding the Surface Neo’s pricing.

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