Microsoft Xbox 2020 Controller Gets FCC, SIRIM and Bluetooth SIG Certifications, Could be for Upcoming Console

This gaming controller could either be for the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S.


Microsoft has announced its latest and the most powerful gaming console to date recently, the Xbox Series X. The brand, however, is yet to reveal the pricing and the availability of the product. While the Xbox Series X is yet to hit the market, there has recently been a leak revealing that Microsoft is working on another gaming console, the Xbox Series S. So, as far we know, we can expect two gaming consoles from Microsoft to hit the market soon. Today, we have come across some new information that could be related to either of these consoles.

We have now come across Bluetooth SIG, FCC, and SIRIM certifications of a product from Microsoft, bearing the model number 1914. According to the Bluetooth SIG certification of the Microsoft 1914, it is an ‘Xbox 2020 controller with Bluetooth.’ Now, this controller could either be for the Xbox Series X or the unannounced Xbox Series S. We are not sure about it at the moment. That being said, the Bluetooth SIG, FCC, and the SIRIM certifications reveal a few key specifications of this Xbox 2020 Controller, let us have a look at those details.

Xbox 2020 Controller Gets Bluetooth SIG certification

Microsoft Xbox 2020 Controller (1914) Bluetooth SIG certification

The Bluetooth SIG certification that we have come across is for the ‘Xbox 2020 Controller with Bluetooth’. It reveals that the model number of the product is 1914 and that it falls under the gaming category. The name itself points that this controller is for the Xbox that has been launched in 2020, which probably means that is for the Xbox Series X. However, it could also be for the Xbox Series S if Microsoft releases the product in 2020. The certification reveals that the Xbox 2020 Controller has Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity.

Xbox 2020 Controller Gets FCC certification


Coming to the FCC listing of the Microsoft 1914, it doesn’t mention the product name anywhere in the documents. Fortunately, we know from the Bluetooth SIG certification that the retail name of the Microsoft 1914 is Xbox 2020 Controller. Anyway, the FCC listing reveals that the Xbox 2020 controller has dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. While there are a bunch of documents in the FCC certification of the Xbox 2020 Controller, this is the only meaningful info we have come across.

Xbox 2020 Controller Gets SIRIM certification

Microsoft Xbox 2020 SIRIM

The SIRIM certification of the Xbox 2020 Controller doesn’t reveal anything new than what the Bluetooth SIG and FCC certifications of the product reveal. According to it, the controller has dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n connectivity. It does, however, say that this is a Hybrid controller, but we aren’t sure what does it mean.

If the Xbox 2020 Controller that we have spotted today is the one that is going to be shipped with the Xbox Series X then one shouldn’t expect the gaming console to go on sale anytime soon as its controller is still undergoing certifications. However, if this Xbox 2020 Controller is for the Xbox Series S, then this would mean that the brand is finalizing the Series S and it could hit the market anytime now.

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