MIUI 12: Here’s Our First Look at the Xiaomi’s Upcoming UI that is Expected to Release Soon

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Back in September 2019, Xiaomi released its latest in-house Android skin, dubbed MIUI 11. On March 23, 2020, the Chinese smartphone maker announced that the development of MIUI 11 had stopped to make the developers shift gears to the upcoming MIUI 12 OS. Though MIUI 12 is still not so close to an actual release, we have the first look at some of the features of Xiaomi’s upcoming custom skin, as our source was able to extract several screenshots of the MIUI 12 features from a Chinese developer forum of the brand. Take a look at the expected features of Xiaomi’s upcoming MIUI 12 skin and find out what they have in store for us.

First Look at the Upcoming MIUI 12 Skin

Before we start talking about the features that the source has revealed, it is worth noting that these are not officially revealed by the company, so some of them might not even make it to the final cut. The same happens with the Develop Preview version of Android builds as well. Nevertheless, we now have these features, so let’s talk about them.

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1. A New Navigation Bar and Gestures

As seen in the picture, MIUI 12 will bring about a new navigation bar and gestures, which appear to be more fluid and smooth when compared with the ones found on MIUI 11. The task switch bar at the bottom of the devices will be changed after the MIUI 12 update, giving it a more iOS-ish touch.

miui 12 gestures

2. Revamped Camera UI

As per the source, the entire camera UI in Xiaomi devices will be modified with the MIUI 12 update. With the continuous enhancement of lens modules, there will be more features given to the users. It would be pretty interesting to see what changes MIUI 12 brings about in terms of the camera UI.MIUI 12 camera UI

3. Perfect Dark Mode

MIUI 11 brought about a system-wide dark mode switch to the Xiaomi/Redmi devices, but there are several drawbacks the mode suffers from. MIUI 12 will optimize the dark mode experience even further and the system applications will have better and deeply integrated support for dark mode. MIUI 12 interface will offer a ‘perfect dark mode experience’. While we are not entirely sure as to what the term perfect means here, we can certainly expect it to be better than the one we are used to seeing in the MIUI 11 build.

miui 12 dark mode

4. New Notification System

MIUI 12 will reportedly aim at providing a better solution towards dealing with increasing push notifications with an all-new notification management system.

miui 12 notification system

5. More Comprehensive System-level Services

MIUI 12 is said to come with deep-integrated system-level services and will focus on providing the users with health services, something MIUI 11 has already initiated.

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6. Optimises Advertising Services

The report also suggests that MIUI 12 could feature a new way to provide the users with adverts. How it would do the same is anyone’s guess as of now.

As of now, this is pretty much everything we know about the upcoming MIUI 12 build, but we are sure to receive more information on the same in the coming days. Whenever we do, we shall keep you posted on the same.

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