Mobile Phone Museum with Over 2000 Models is Now Open to Visit Virtually

The Mobile Phone Museum consists of 2100 historical mobile handsets and will provide resources for teachers and educators.


A new online museum will allow users to relive the history of mobile handsets with over 2000 devices dating back to 1984. Christened The Mobile Phone Museum, it is an online venture has been founded by Ben Wood, chief analyst at market research firm CCS Insight in collaboration with collector Matt Chatterley.

Wood thought of the idea back in 2004 and started collaborating with Chatterley in 2019. The museum contains devices from Wood’s personal collection, which dates back to devices launched as far back as 25 years ago. It now has a total of 2100 handsets.

The Mobile Phone Museum was launched earlier this month and the founders have also struck a deal with telecom giant Vodafone, who is coming on board as a sponsor for the next five years. “This all started as a passion project over 25 years ago, so it’s immensely exciting to work with Vodafone to launch the museum and to see so many industry veterans and other friendly faces at the exhibition,” Wood said.

The museum’s website says that it is a charitable organisation, and contains legendary devices like the Nokia 3310, Moto Razr V3, Volvo Talkman and many more. It also has more modern devices, like the Nokia Lumia 1020, a phone that failed, but was considered by many to have revolutionised smartphone cameras. The Motorola Satellite series, which is considered to be amongst the first mobile phones ever, is also included in the catalogue.

The founders also plan to hold exhibitions for the museum later. “Due to the current pandemic we are unable to stage any exhibitions. Our current focus is on building the website while enhancing and further researching the collection. We are working on a number of opportunities for future exhibitions and will share more information when it is available,” the website says.

The website also says that the Museum is working on a “range of resources” for teachers and other educators, which will be used to help schools to develop programmes for students. These too will be ready in future, and no date has been given for the same yet.