New State Mobile Receives a Valentine’s Day-themed Event: How to Get Free Rewards This Month

The Valentine event in New State Mobile will conclude on 21 Feb. Log in to NEW STATE MOBILE right now to celebrate Valentine's Day with friends and family!

  1. A new event has arrived in New State Mobile for this Valentine’s Day.
  2. The ‘TAKE HEART, NEW STATE’ event allows users to participate in daily missions and earn amazing permanent prizes.
  3. The rewards include weapon crates, skins and exclusive valentine-themed outfits.

New State Mobile is getting more popular with each passing day. The game has seen a massive surge in terms of user base since the Indian government banned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in July 2022. Recently, ESL India hosted the biggest tournament of New State Mobile in India with a massive Rs 1 crore prize pool. With such growing popularity, many esports professionals are now shifting their focus to New State Mobile esports.

Krafton also strives to bring in more new events and content to the game with weekly, and monthly updates. This valentine, Krafton is coming up with a new event in New State Mobile called ‘Take Heart, Love State.’ Let us know more about the new event in Krafton’s hit BR game.

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New State Mobile Valentines Day Event – All You Need to Know

Celebrating the 2023 season of love, New State has launched an all-new special in-game event for Valentine’s Day. According to the company, several exclusive free rewards themed around Valentine’s Day will be up for grabs.

“Celebrating the season of love, NEW STATE MOBILE has launched an all-new special in-game event for Valentine’s Day,” announced the company.

New State Mobile players can now partake in missions and earn exciting rewards daily. These items are “focused on the concept of love and togetherness.” They will be permanently retained in the player’s inventory if claimed. Couple outfits themed weapon skins, and crates with ‘guaranteed’ goodies are among the in-game rewards that are included in this event.

Here is our guide to access the event and obtain free goodies this month!

  • Step 1: Open New State Mobile on your device and enter the lobby.
  • Step 2: Access the event section of the game, by tapping on it which is present on the right side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Select ‘Take heart, New State’ event.
  • Step 4: Check out the missions and complete them.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve completed the missions, return to the event section to receive your goodies.
  • Step 6: There are also login rewards, where gamers will receive wonderful gifts for logging in on a daily basis in New State Mobile.

Each of these missions is worth a certain number of points. Accumulating a set number of points allows the player to acquire an in-game reward. Here is a list of all the objects that players may claim with the points they earn.

  • 3 points – Love of New State ‘LO’ Tshirt
  • 7 points – Love of New State ‘VE’ Tshirt
  • 15 points – Love of New State Pink Tshirt
  • 20 points – Royale Chest V2 with guaranteed items such as Ghatotkacha, Ringtail Monkey outfits and more
  • 30 points – Love of New State AKM skin
  • 37 points – Love of New State SLR skin

The event will conclude on 21 February 2023 and players can complete the mission to acquire the above items during the event runtime.

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