Modified iPhone 13 Pro Max With USB Type-C Port, 3.5mm Jack Said to Double the Battery Backup

The modified iPhone 13 Pro Max reportedly doubled its battery life and reached at a new performance level.


An iPhone 13 Pro Max user named Yang Changshun modified the device to somewhat users are now calling an ‘iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra’. The user changed a few components of the device and added some to peak the performance of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. As result, the battery life of the device became double and the performance reached a new record level.

The user from China posted a 37-minute video on his Weibo account in which he can be seen modifying his iPhone 13 Pro Max. Let’s take a look at what Yang Changshun changed in iPhone 13 Pro Max to make it the iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra.

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The device owner added two built-in automatic speed adjustment cooling fans and a double-layer motherboard which he filled with thermal paste to his iPhone 13 Pro Max. As a result the performance of the device jumped by 1,54,000 on AnTuTu. The general overall score of the original iPhone 13 Pro max he owned was 7,15,809 whereas the modified iPhone score reached 8,70,244.

The user then added a new battery after which the device’s battery life got doubled. The iPhone 13 series was already applauded by the audience and critics for the insane battery life, so think how great would be the double battery life on the modified iPhone 13 Pro Max?

And, at last, the user added a USB-C interface and a 3.5mm headphone jack to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. These additions did not affect the function of the lightning interface. The new additions worked perfectly on the modified iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Earlier, this year, an iPhone X user going by the name ‘Gernot Jobstl’ had posted a video of him modifying his iPhone X. The Lightining port on his iPhone X was swapped out to insert  a USB-C port. Similary, in 2021, an engineering student Ken Pillionel showcased his own, modified iPhone X smartphone with a USB-C port, which was subsequently sold at an online auction at $86,001 (approx. Rs 64 lakh).