This Modified iPhone X Features a USB-C Port and is Waterproof, and it’s Up for Sale

The modified iPhone X in question swapped its stock port for USB-C, and added a layer of waterproofing to give key features otherwise amiss.

modified iPhone X

A modified iPhone X is soon going up for sale, and users interested in buying it will get a device that is not only a novelty, but also comes with key features that are otherwise amiss in Apple’s stock devices. A ‘creator’ going by the name of Gernot Jobstl has posted a video of a custom modified iPhone X on his YouTube channel, and has showcased a demonstration of how the entire smartphone has been made fully waterproof.

A Modified iPhone X: What’s Unique About it

According to the creator’s video, the modified iPhone X has been custom configured, where the Lightning port on the smartphone has been swapped out in favour of a USB-C port. The creator has further succeeded in waterproofing the USB-C port as well. The latter makes this seemingly the only iPhone in the world with a USB-C port as well as waterproofing. The demo video of the modified device showcases this, where the waterproofing appears to be holding up.

Jobstl subsequently goes on to show how the entire iPhone X has been waterproofed by him, and he further pegs this as the only iPhone in the world that is now waterproof and has a USB-C port as well. The creator now intends to sell it at a future date, and has mentioned that he will be issuing a link for the auction of the phone through his published video. There is also no mentioned basic price tag of the smartphone yet, from which the auction is expected to begin.

In 2021, engineering student Ken Pillionel showcased his own, modified iPhone X smartphone with a USB-C port, which was subsequently sold at an online auction at $86,001 (approx. Rs 64 lakh). The device is a one-off for now, and will have the bragging rights of being the first consumer iPhone with a USB-C port — even when Apple brings the universal, reversible port standard to its iPhones.

Apple has been steadily pivoting to USB-C, with its latest crop of iPads featuring the port. Going forward, its future iPhones are expected to sport the same as well.

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