Motorola Rizr Rollable Concept Phone Showcased at MWC 2023: Here’s All You Need to Know

Motorola has unveiled the Motorola Rizr Rollable smartphone at the MWC 2023 event.

  • Motorola has unveiled Motorola Rizr Rollable Concept Smartphone at MWC 2023.
  • It is inspired from Motorla’s Rizr Z3 launched in 2006.
  • The smartphone would launch globally later.


Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 is live in Barcelona, Spain, and brands have already revealed their smartphones. Xiaomi has announced the Xiaomi 13 series consisting of Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro and 13 Lite. Lenovo-owned Motorola has come up with an exciting concept smartphone for the event. The company has unveiled the Motorola Rizr Rollable Concept Smartphone. It has been nearly a since the rollable smartphone from Motorola was tipped to launch. Previously, we had a chance to test the OPPO Find X 2021 rollable smartphone. Samsung and LG were also developing their rollable devices, which never came from the factory. 

Everything to Know About Motorola Rizr Rollable Concept Smartphone

Source – Ben Wood

Motorola inspired the design of the concept smartphone from the Motorola Rizr Z3 device launched in 2006. The Rizr Z3 smartphone could be expanded vertically to access the keypad. The smartphone has a 5-inch POLED display with an aspect ratio of 15:9 which extends up to 6.5 inches with a 22:9 aspect ratio once rolled up. When it is not rolled, the rear screen will act as a secondary display. 

Source – Ben Wood

The secondary display can display notifications and has an always-on display function to show the date, time, and weather. Motorola equips the smartphone with a motorized rollable mechanism which will roll the display once the power button is pressed two times. The brand has equipped the smartphone with wallpapers which display effects while moving the display. 

Motorola Rizr Rollable
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Once rolled, it has a fragile display at the top, and the durability of this portion is mysterious. Since the front camera and speaker are underneath the display, it will automatically roll the display a bit if one tries to open the front camera or a call comes in. Motorola has ensured that some apps are optimized to work with the smartphone. YouTube works flawlessly even after expanding the display. 

Moto Rizr Rollable
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The video watched in normal mode will expand once the display is rolled. Upon opening the Gmail app, the screen will automatically expand to help users write their email. The app icons and other things in the display also adjust automatically once the display is rolled. Motorola has equipped the smartphone with a USB Type C port on the left. A small 3000 mAh battery backs the smartphone. However, the company hasn’t revealed the charging specifications of the device. 

Moto Rizr Rollable
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The device is heavier and weighs 210 grams which is nearly identical to Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro. On the optics side, it has a dual-rear camera setup with an LED flash. Moto has included the popular double flick on the wrist to switch to the front camera in the camera app.

Source – Ben Wood

The detailed specifications of the device will be only known once Motorola releases the smartphone globally. Are you excited about the upcoming rollable smartphone from Motorola? Please share your thoughts and opinions on the product in the comments section.