Motorola Wireless 4K Adapter Spotted on FCC Certification, Launch Seems Imminent

Let’s take a look at the Motorola Wireless 4K adapter images, features and other details revealed via the FCC listing.


Motorola is slowly expanding its product offerings in India. The company is known for offering a variety of smartphones in India across different price points. Of late, Motorola has ventured into other categories like smart TVs and smartwatches. The company could now be working on the launch of a new streaming device in India. A Motorola 4K dongle has been spotted on the FVCC certification website. The listing and documents reveal some key details of the upcoming Motorola device. It also includes images of the 4K adapter, which reveals the design from multiple angles. Let’s take a look at the Motorola Wireless 4K adapter images, features and other details revealed via the FCC listing.

Motorola Wireless 4K adapter

Motorola Wireless 4K adapter could launch soon. The device is now listed on the FCC certification website, revealing the design. Based on the images, it is revealed that the Motorola adapter has a round shape with ports on either side. On one side, we have the HDMI port that can be connected to a TV/ monitor. The other side of the round device houses a USB Type-C port, which has a 10W power supply.

The images further reveal that the wireless adapter has a button next to the USB Type-C port to power on the device. At the top is the Motorola logo, next to which is an LED indicator, which lights up when the device is connected.

The wireless dongle from Motorola can be connected to your phone wirelessly, which will then stream the data on a larger display. Certain use cases revealed in the FCC documents reveal that the dongle can be used to connect the two devices and play mobile games on a larger screen. Users can also use the dongle as a medium to make video calls on a larger display while keeping it connected to the phone.

This is all the information we have regarding the Motorola 4K adapter. There is no official word on the launch date yet. We will share more details as and when available. 

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