MrBeast Collaborates with Fortnite and Bringing a Survival Challenge for Players to Give Away $1 Million

One of the biggest YouTube creators, MrBeast, collaborates with Epic Games Fortnite game to bring a 1 million USD survival challenge.


Popular BR game Fortnite announced its collaboration with one of the biggest YouTube icons, MrBeast, who recently became the most subscribed creator on YouTube. As part of his collaboration with Epic Games, the creator will be featured in the game, and he is giving away a million dollars as part of the MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge.

The new collaboration of Epic Games with MrBeast is also set to bring his cosmetics, new emotes, back bling and more. Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, is collaborating with Epic Games on something we haven’t seen the Fortnite creator execute before. He is well known for costly pranks in which he provides his supporters and community actual money and assets for free A similar pattern appears to be developing in this Fortnite event, as he is willing to provide a million dollars to the player who successfully completes his challenge and gets the highest score.

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MrBeast to Host a One Million USD Challange Event in Fortnite As Part of His Collab with Epic Games

Image via Epic Games

MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge, a virtual gauntlet of scheduled tasks with a large prize for one champion, will be hosted by the battle royale game. To participate in the challenge, players must enter a competitive island designed by Atlas Creative, where they must dodge dangers, collect coins, and withstand harsh challenges to earn a “Score.” Finally, participants must score as high as possible before the challenge comes to a conclusion.

The player with this maximum score will be declared the champion and wins the grand prize at the end of the challenge. The challenge is set to kick off on 17 December at 12 PM ET (10:30 PM IST) and concludes by 3 PM ET (1:30 AM IST). Players can find the challenge in the “Fortnite Competitive” row under the Discover menu. The best of the challenge is players can play as many matches as possible before the time runs out. Following the challenge’s conclusion, the scores of the best match of a player will be considered for their global placement.

The challenge will go live on Tuesday (13 December) to allow players to practice several times before the real challenge starts on 13 Dec. The Fortnite island will be accessible from the Discover screen and from the island code 7990-6907-8565.

MrBeast, on the other hand, has more challenges in the shape of free cosmetics in store for those who do not win the ultimate prize.

Here’s how to obtain them:

Per the official blog post, players who fail to win the MrBeast Fortnite challenge will stand a chance to win several free cosmetics featured in the collaboration. The top 100,000 players of the tournament (the top hundred thousand players with the highest Score) can win the “Beast Brella” Umbrella Glider for free. Cosmetics like these are rare and don’t often appear in the Item Shop.

Along with the umbrella, MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Quests will be available to Fortnite gamers at the same time as the island (9 am ET on December 13). They can earn the MrBeast Gaming Spray and the MrBeast Survival Games Loading Screen for free if they finish any of these objectives. Both Quests will need players to score a particular quantity of points on MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge island.

Gamers can be able to buy the MrBeast and MrBeast 6000 Icon Series outfits that consist of the following items: Players will also be able to purchase the MrBeast MrBeast 6000 Icon Series outfits that will include the following accessories:

  • MrBeast Smasher Pickaxe: (MrBeast outfit)
  • Beast Backdrop Wrap: (MrBeast outfit)
  • Prize Package Reactive Back Bling: (MrBeast 6000 outfit)
  • Beast Claw Pickaxe: (MrBeast 6000 outfit)
  • Wrapped and Revved Glider: (MrBeast 6000 outfit)
  • Beast Blastin’ Emote

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