MSP Tech Pods Episode 2: Qualcomm India’s Anand Subbiah talks about the Snapdragon brand and its presence across various industry sectors

Anand Subbiah, Senior Director & Head - Marketing and Communications, Qualcomm India and SAARC takes us through the journey of the brand.


After a hit opening, MSP Tech Pods is back with yet another episode. This time, we have Anand Subbiah who is Senior Director & Head – Marketing and Communications, Qualcomm India and SAARC. Qualcomm is the popular chipset company that powers smartphones across leading brands, always-on laptops, smartwatches, and many other electronic devices. 

Anand leads marketing initiatives for Qualcomm in India and has been a part of the company’s journey for three years. He takes us through Qualcomm’s brand journey, its highly regarded Snapdragon brand, latest initiatives, role in electronic devices, marketing secrets and much more. Check out what Anand had to say to the questions below. 

Questions covered in the Podcast:

Question  Spotify Timeline
How do you look at the Current Tech Ecosystem? 8:57 – 13:35
How do you broadly approach marketing for your products? 14:26 – 16:34
Given the diversity of products and solutions Qualcomm offers, how do you manage marketing across the product line?  17 – 25
How do you build an ingredient brand like Snapdragon among consumers? 25- 37:12
How do you extending Snapdragon brand to other categories, views on gaming and more  37 – 47.40