MySmartPrice Yearly Tech Insights Report 2022

MySmartPrice has come up with a yearly smartphone review report that tells you about the smartphone market trajectory of the Indian market in 2022.

  • MySmartPrice Yearly Tech Insights Report has inputs from 15 million shoppers that visited the platform.
  • Samsung had the most consistent performance in 2022.
  • Carl Pei’s Nothing was the latest brand to enter the smartphone market in 2022.

The year 2022 was an exciting one for smartphones in India. Several brands pushed beyond their limits and introduced new technologies such as super fast charging, high megapixels resolution cameras, unique designs, and much more. 2022 was a year when a new brand entered the smartphone market called Nothing. Carl Pei’s Nothing Phone (1) made a lot of buzz on social media before its launch. OnePlus launched its cheapest smartphone in India in 2022 whereas brands like Tecno and Infinix introduced their flagship devices. 

MySmartPrice has come up with a yearly smartphone review report that tells you about the smartphone market trajectory of the Indian market in 2022. The data was collected from 15 million shoppers that visited our platform. Let’s check out MySmartPrice Yearly Tech Insights report.

Smartphone Brands Performance in 2022


Vivo’s best time during 2022 was between October to November when it launched the Vivo V25 series. It consists of two devices – V25 and V25 Pro. The company recorded the highest popularity of 23.5% in October 2022. The second best percentage of company was in January with a popularity of 23.1%. Vivo witnessed a huge decline in its popularity between January to July except for the month of May where it recorded a percentage of 13%. If we compare the opening and closing popularity of Vivo, we can observe that Vivo recorded a decrease of 5.4% in their popularity. 


The popularity of Apple was nothing much until September arrived. It’s that time of the year when the Cupertino based tech giant launches its new generation of iPhones. This year, Apple launched the iPhone 14 series with the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. The popularity of Apple shot up to 19.7% in the month of September. After that, it has been constant throughout the months of November and December. Compared to the start of the year, the popularity of Apple increased by 7% by the end all thanks to the many discounts and offers on the various iPhones in the market.


Realme has remained very popular among buyers throughout the whole year. It started the year with a low popularity rate of 9.4% but closed the year with almost double the rate, of 18.1%. In May, its popularity was at an all-time high of 20.1%. In December, it went up to 18.1% when the company launched its next generation of the number series. The company launched the Realme 10 Pro Series in the month of December which is one of the main reasons behind its popularity at the end of the year. The Realme C35 was the most popular smartphone on the MySmartPrice platform. 


Samsung is the only brand on this list that has remained consistent throughout the year. The whole year, its popularity remained above 10%. There is just a difference of 1.7% in the popularity between the start and the end of the year. Samsung launched its flagship series in February and August. Apart from that, the company kept launching budget and mid-range phones throughout the year. It was highly popular in the month of April where it recorded a popularity percentage of 16.2%. 


Xiaomi started the year with a whopping popularity percentage of 22.6% but ended the year with 13%. That’s a difference of 9.4% which is huge. In January, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi 11i and 11i Hypercharge. The latter comes with a whopping 120W superfast charging technology which may have pushed buyers to check out the device. After January, its popularity increased at the end of the year thanks to the launch of the Redmi Note 12 Pro series. It recorded the lowest popularity rate in the month of June with 9.1%. 


OPPO had the most inconsistent year among all the brands on the list. It increased suddenly various times and declined in the same way. However, it ended the year with a decreased popularity rate of 6.4% compared to the popularity of 8.4% at the beginning of 2022. The popularity of OPPO peaked in April 2022 with an all-time high rate of 16.6% due to the launch of the OPPO F21 Pro series. The company launched two phones in the series – OPPO F21 Pro and F21 Pro Plus. It recorded the lowest popularity rate of 5.9% in the month of September when the company didn’t launch any new devices.



The OnePlus had a plethora of launches in 2022. The company launched multiple smartphones in the Nord series, number series, etc. In 2022, OnePlus launched its most affordable smartphone, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite in the country. Moreover, the T-series devices made a comeback in 2022 with the launch of the OnePlus 10T. The comeback helped OnePlus in gaining back its popularity. In our report, it touched the highest popularity rate of 15.6% in the month of August when the device launched. It opened the year with an 8.4% popularity but ended it with a decreased popularity rate of 6.4%.