Netflix is Getting an Audio-Only Mode That Helps Save Data by Blacking Out the Video on Android

Netflix is reportedly getting a new audio-only mode.

Netflix, the popular OTT platform with a wide range of TV series, movies, documentaries, and a lot more is reportedly getting a new audio-only mode. This feature will disable the ongoing video with a black background and deliver a podcast-like experience. The feature was first reported in an APK breakdown back in October this year and now the feature is finally rolling out to the Netflix app on Android devices. There is no information when the company is planning to bring the feature to iOS devices.

Netflix New Only Audio Feature

Back in October XDA Developers discovered the audio-only feature for the Netflix Android app. The feature was discovered when folks at XDA Developers tore down the apk and noticed the ability to turn off the video and listen to the audio. The latest report from Android Police suggested that the feature is rolling out to the Android apps and also shared a few screenshots of the interface. The video off option can be noticed at the top of the screenshot. While enabling it, the video goes off and shows a back screen. You can also see the controls on it to operate your listening.

The Audio Only option is shown in the settings menu of the Netflix app, this will let you choose when you want the feature. According to the report, the feature is offering three options Always On, Headphones or External Speakers Only, and Off. This will allow you to multitask and save your data whether you’re on a phone network or Wi-Fi.

However, if you ask me how useful this feature is for me then I must say that I might not use this feature very often. Because the experience of watching a TV series or movie depends on how good the visualization is. No doubt sound plays a very essential role, but for me, I can’t compromise on either of them. But it could be beneficial for those who are interested more in listening experience than watching.

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SOURCEAndroid Police
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