Netflix Releases Two Stranger Things Games on its Android App to Test its Gaming Service

Netflix is now testing its gaming service in Poland.

Netflix Gaming

Right now is a pretty cool time to be a gamer, as there are now more studios and platforms around than ever before, and even Netflix is getting on the action. Around last month, a Bloomberg report indicated that Netflix is planning an expansion into the gaming industry and offer a selection of games to their subscribers without any additional charges.

This was received largely positive amid some confusion as to why Netflix would want to dabble in gaming. Yet it makes sense for a platform as massive as Netflix to diversify their offerings and expand beyond just TV and Movies – and games only seem like the next logical step.

Starting today, Netflix users in Poland can try out two games on Android – Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3.

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Netflix is now offering games to their subscribers in Poland

According to the announcement by Netflix, the games will contain no ads, as well as no microtransactions in the game. The latter is certainly quite nice as the games come bundled with the subscriptions so ads and microtransactions/in-app purchases would have certainly not gone down well with the subscribers.

Netflix reiterated in their announcement that this is only the first step in their plans for gaming and there is a lot more that will come from their way in the coming months. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that should the tests in Poland be successful, Netflix will look to bring gaming to other regions as well. The service is currently available for Android devices in Poland.

Netflix Gaming

Players will be redirected to the Google Play Store should they want to download the game instead of being able to stream them. This might sound a bit odd at first, but seeing as cloud gaming isn’t quite as huge in a lot of regions due to technical limitations – perhaps ditching cloud gaming in the early stages is a good call.

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