Netflix User in Mumbai Loses Rs 1.22 Lakh From His Bank Account While Paying Rs 499 for Subscription in Online Fraud

A Mumbai business lost over a lakh rupees while trying to pay Rs 499 for his Netflix subscription renewal.


In a major cyber crime incident, a Mumbai businessman was reportedly duped over a lakh rupees after he shared his bank account details via email. A 74-year-old businessman in Juhu, Mumbai lost Rs 1.22 lakh from his bank account on the note that he was asked to pay for a Netflix subscription renewal.

On September 16, the businessman, who is into the import of plastic printing materials, received an email that he believed was from Netflix. He was asked to pay the renewal amount of Rs 499 for his Netflix subscription plan which was kept on hold. The victim believed that it was a genuine email as it was very similar to the regular email that he used to receive from Netflix.

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The businessman then flew to another city for two months for business proposes, after which he reported the incident to Mumbai Police. The First Information Report (FIR) for the incident was registered on November 29.

How Mumbai-based businessman got duped?

Mumbai Police told Indian Express that the fraudsters had sent a link for the Netflix subscription renewal payment in an email which was a phishing link. The businessman without making sure clicked on it and filled in his credit card details. A Time Password (OTP) was generated on his phone for an amount of Rs 1.22 lakh which he shared without even cross-checking.

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The victim realised what he has done, only after he received an automated call from his bank that Rs 1.22 lakh has been deducted from his account and to press 8 if he has not made the payment.

“The fraudulent email also provided a link to make a payment of Rs 499. Without thinking twice, the septuagenarian clicked on the link and filled in all his credit card details. A One Time Password (OTP) was generated on his mobile phone for payment of Rs 1.22 lakh,” a police officer said.

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Be Safe from Cyber crime

It’s no secret that cyber crime incidents around us are increasing day by day which is why it becomes necessary to be aware and take precautions to be safe from such incidents. A month ago, Haryana Police started a campaign in which it identified around 28,000 such phone numbers that were being used to do such crimes. After this, the department blocked these numbers in India to make sure no one gets duped by these fraudsters again.

In order to be safe from such spammers and fraudsters, you can do some of the things below.

  • Use strong passwords, probably a mix of numbers, digits and symbols.
  • Report phishing links or any other link that you find suspicious.
  • Set two-factor authentication.
  • Never share OTP or any confidential PIN with any unknown stranger on call or text.

Whenever you receive any suspicious call that asks you from OTP for updating your card, make sure to report that number to the police or cyber crime department.