New Punjabi Movies on OTT [November 2023]: Mastaney, Painter, Hawa, and More

Here are some new Punjabi movies on OTT.


Punjabi films have gained remarkable popularity on various OTT platforms, boasting a diverse array of releases. Whether you have a penchant for love stories, mysteries, or any other genre, there’s something enthralling for everyone to enjoy. This month has an abundance of riveting and binge-worthy content. This is a selection of highly-rated Punjabi films, both recent releases and anticipated ones, available for streaming on a variety of online platforms. Each film will be discussed in detail, including its plot, cast members, release date, streaming platform, IMDB Rating, and more.

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New Punjabi Movies to Watch on OTT

Movie Name OTT Release Date OTT Platform
Mastaney 9th November 2023 Chaupal
Painter 2nd November 20233 Chaupal
Hawa 26th October 2023 Chaupal
Munda Southall Da 17th October 2023
Amazon Prime Video
Tufang 12th October 2023 Chaupal
Baapu Char Gaya Ghori 27th September 2023 Chaupal
Carry On Jatta 3 7th September 2023 Chaupal
Bhootni De 1st September 2023 Chaupal


In the historical context of the year 1739, the formidable army led by Nadar Shah finds itself facing a formidable challenge as it comes under attack from Sikh Rebellions. In an attempt to quell the uprising, Nadar Shah endeavors to apprehend the rebels. However, despite his efforts, the situation does not unfold as planned, presenting a complex and tense scenario in which the undefeated army contends with the determined resistance of the Sikh rebels.

IMDB rating – 8.7

Cast- Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 9th November 2023


Painter is a captivating film that beautifully captures the world of art and the artist’s mysterious life, giving viewers a deep, artistic journey into the creative process and the artist’s point of view.

IMDB rating – 7.2

Cast- Davvy Singh, Isha Gupta, Arpita Madaan

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 2nd November 2023


The plot of the movie is around a group of seasoned fishermen set sail, eager to cast their nets and bring in a bountiful catch. However, their routine fishing trip takes a bewildering turn when their nets unexpectedly ensnare something far more mysterious than the usual marine life – a woman, tangled in the mesh of their net. As they free her from the net’s confines, an eerie sense of anticipation hangs in the air, and an unsettling unease begins to settle over the fishermen.

IMDB rating – 7.7

Cast- Chanchal Chowdhury, Nazifa Tushi, Nasir Uddin Khan

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 26th October 2023

Munda Southall Da

The story centres on Arjun and Ravi, a couple whose lives are upended when Ravi is asked to marry a man who needs a visa to go to England. This choice shatters Ravi and sets off a chain of unexpected events. As circumstances bring her back to her former love, Arjun, the film also features child artist Shane Grover as Diler, who takes it upon himself to reintroduce Arjun into Raavi’s life after an 8-year separation.

IMDB rating – 6.1

Cast- Iftikhar Thakur, Sarbjit Cheema, Preet Aujla, Goldboy, Robin, Gurpreet Bhangu, Malkeet Rauni, Shane Grover and Prito

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video

OTT Release Date – 17th October 2023


Veera steals a weapon from a reputable firearms store without realizing that Arjan, the shop’s heir, is hot on her trail. As Arjan develops feelings for Veera, she presents him with a challenge, testing their newfound connection.

IMDB rating – 8.1

Cast- Guri, Rukshar Dhillon, Jagjeet Sandhu

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 12th October 2023

Baapu Char Gaya Ghori

Zaila, who is in his sixties, contemplates entering into a third marriage, aspiring to wed a young orphan named Rano. However, Bachelor Baja also harbours affection for Rano and wishes to marry her, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

IMDB rating – N/A

Cast- Minto, Sanju Solanki, Parminder Gill Barnala, and Satinder Dhiman

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 27th September 2023

Carry on Jatta 3

Jass, has fallen head over heels for Meet. Yet, when a fiery clash erupts between Meet’s brothers and Dhillon, he vehemently opposes his son’s desire to marry Meet. Undeterred, Jass concocts a daring and audacious scheme to sway his father’s heart and destiny’s course.

IMDB rating – 7.1

Cast- Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa, Binnu Dhillon

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 7th September 2023

Bhootni De

The movie revolves around a duo of fraudulent ghost hunters who find themselves chosen to participate in a perilous competition alongside five other eccentric contestants. Their mission: capturing a ghost inside a haunted house.

IMDB rating – 6.7

Cast- Malkeet Rauni, Karanveer Khullar, Nitin Garg, Isha Gupta, Jeet Matharu, Rajat Srivastava, Harinder Singh Dhillon, VJ Aman, Manmeet Sekhon and Sukh Buttar

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 1st September 2023


After Lehmber’s father grows weary of his falsehoods and troublesome behavior, he arranges for the young man to go to London. It’s there that Lehmber finds himself enamoured with Ginni, prompting him to contemplate changing his habits once she departs from his life.

IMDB rating – 7.5

Cast- Mahira Sharma, Kimi Verma, Nirmal Rishi

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 24th August 2023

Yaarian Dildariyan

The movie’s premise centres around a transcontinental romance, portraying the journey of a young man from India who finds himself enamoured with an older woman from Australia. Their connection, while potentially driven by immigration motives suggested by the passports labelled ‘Reality’ and ‘Dream,’ is a narrative element that only time will fully unfold.

IMDB rating – 6.1

Cast- Japji Khaira, Jasprem Dhillon, Malkeet Rauni

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 12th August 2023

Tere Layi

Amrik finds himself deeply infatuated with Sanjog and makes sincere efforts to win her over. As their bond develops, they begin to view the world through an optimistic lens, but this perspective shatters when Amrik attempts to elevate their relationship. Unfortunately, Santog has no intention of marrying, leaving Amrik heartbroken.

IMDB rating – 5.9

Cast- Sweetaj Brar, Harish Verma, Nirmal Rishi

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video

OTT Release Date – 7th August 2023

Jattu Nikhattu

This is the tale of an ordinary man who spends his entire life seeking his own existence within the experiences of others, whether it’s in moments of happiness, sorrow, excitement, or love. This is the narrative of a regular man’s lifelong struggle to discover his own life mirrored in the lives of those around him, whether in moments of joy, grief, excitement, or romance.

IMDB rating – 9.8

Cast- Harwinder Singh Aujla, Shamsher Dhillon, Satish Kaul

Where to watch – Chaupal

OTT Release Date – 4th August 2023

These are the new OTT releases in Punjabi! Keep watching the space for more updates!