New State Mobile May Update (v0.9.49) Announced – Renewed Bounty Royale, 90 FPS, New Weapon and More

The May update has a number of changes, including new weapons and a revitalised Akinta, who will be returning with 'Bounty Royale'!

  • The May patch notes come with an official launch of renewed Bounty Royale, new LMG gun and more.
  • HDR, ultra and high graphic settings are now available when 90 FPS is selected.
  • Survivor Pass Volume 19 features ‘Blocker of GLC,’ the main character of May Update.


New State Mobile May Update (v 0.9.49) is all set to roll out tomorrow i.e., 25 May 2023 with new content and modifications. The new update is not coming with much new content except the bounty royale remake. A new weapon called LMG which uses 7.62 mm ammo will be introduced to the game with this new update.

The developers also have announced the maintenance schedule for the new update. During this time, the game will not be playable until the schedule comes to a conclusion. Let us know more about the new content and changes that the new update has in store for us all.

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Krafton Set to Roll Out May Update for New State Mobile

Bounty Royale Remake

new State mobile
Image via Krafton

The Bounty Royale which was introduced to the game earlier in August 2022 has been renewed and will take place in Akinta. The game only contains survivors without AI, and each match will have a maximum of 32 Survivors. You can select the weapons and equipment you wish to employ before the game begins.

Data-generating devices will be installed. The entire quantity of data collected by each squad’s members will be the squad’s score. When a survivor dies in-game, some of the data is dropped next to the loot box, which can be picked up by allies and opponents. After a specific amount of time, dead survivors will be redeployed.

Data receivers may be obtained from boxes scattered over the map from which you can choose a data receiver.  While you are carrying the receiver, data will be continually gathered and all the survivors will be notified of the location of the data receiver  If another team takes over the data station before the phase ends, you will also lose the data.  That means you must keep attackers away from the data station until the end of each phase. 

The Bounty Royale season will run concurrently with the Battle Royale season.  Based on the Bounty Royale tier score, prestige coins that may be used in the Prestige Shop will be awarded at the end of the season. Bounty Royale will only be available for 8 hours each day

New Weapon – MG5 

new state mobile new update
Image via Krafton

MG is a Light Machine Gun that uses 7.62mm Ammo and survivors can find it on any map of the game. 

  • The New State MG5 is one of the LMG weapons with powerful firepower. 
  • There is a slot for grips and sights. 
  • You may also utilise a customised extended mag. 
  • The mag’s capacity will be raised from 50 to 100, although the reloading speed will be reduced. 

Gameplay Updates

new state mobile
Image via Krafton
  • Akinta will have fixed Vcab spawn places.
  • From now on, one Vcab will emerge on a regular basis in Adzo, Mowandi, and Central.
  • Within a particular range, the sound tracker will display the sound of parachute control.
  • A marking will record the spot where you were murdered.

Graphic Updates

new state mobile may update
Image via Krafton

In the previous version, if 90 FPS of ‘Frame Rate’ was selected in high-performance devices, only the ‘Lite’ option for ‘Graphic Quality’ was accessible.

However, other visual variations are now available in the same selection. Excessive settings may result in frame drops, warmth, quick battery consumption, and major hardware problems.

The official written patch notes will include more details about the new changes and content which will be published on the official website soon.

New State Mobile May Update Maintenance Schedule

The servers will be offline for maintenance on 25 May 2023. Server maintenance occurs from 0:00 UTC to 6:00 UTC, or 5:30 AM IST to 12:30 PM IST. Once the maintenance is completed, players can download and play the new update.

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