New State Mobile October Update Patch Notes: Brings in Auto Fire Feature, New Mode and Other Changes

New State Mobile's October Month Patch Notes will have a new mode, customization and many more. It is slated to release on 20 October.


New State Mobile is all set to receive its v0.9.40 update this Thursday and Krafton has already released patch notes for the October month update earlier today. The new update will bring in a new mode, a new Survivor pass Vol.12, multiple customizations, and many more lined up for gamers this month.

As mentioned above, the new update will go live on Thursday i.e., 20 October and the developers also released its maintenance schedule during which the game servers will remain closed. The players cannot access the game until the maintenance comes to an end. However, players can update the game during the maintenance schedule so they can be all set to play the game once the servers get back online.

Here is what New State Mobile’s October Month patch notes have in store for its players:

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PUBG New State Mobile October Month Patch Notes: Features New Collaboration with Dead by Daylight

new state mobile
Image via Krafton

A new video has been released on the game’s social media handles, detailing all the new features, and modifications that were included in the upcoming patch notes.

New Feature: AutoFire for Beginners

The new autofire feature is exclusively made for beginners who face difficulties while using the controls when they play the game newly. However, the feature can be disabled in the game’s settings and can be abled whenever required.

Once enabled, the weapon will shoot targets automatically shortly after locking on a target. The autofire feature also has a few limitations and it will activate when the target is within 150 meters when the player is using AR/DMR/LMG/SMG/HG weapon. The same will activate when the target is within 200 meters when the player is using SRs or Crossbow.

Game Mode

  • Recruit Mode has been added to New State Labs.
  • This new mode for Akinta allows you to recruit much faster for a maximum of 8 players per squad.
  • The player’s HP and boost will be recovered to 100% upon a successful recruit.

New Collaboration with Dead By Daylight

New State Mobile’s new collaboration features Dead by Daylight. The new collab will have a new upgradable weapon, and a new set of outfits and players need to complete new collab missions to unlock its rewards.

  • Killer Halloween Costumes: In the collaboration, players can acquire exclusive DBDcosmetic items to add a scary horror to their Halloween costumes this year. Up to the 10th from the second day of the Dead Dead, a collection of a collection and a collaboration crat will be available for all players, from Oct. 20 to Nov. 23

Gunplay Updates:

  • M24 [C2]: Tracking Bullet – M24 [C2] has been changed from Bipdo to the Tracking Bullet.
  • Once you hit a target, the bullet leaves a visible indicator for your teammates to see, even when they are behind a cover.
  • The M24 Magazine slot is no longer accessible and its reload speed will be decreased when C2 is applied.

Weapon Balances

  • The bullet spread of MP-155 Ultima has been increased.
  • M110A1’s damage has been slightly increased.
  • Players can use their guns in the spawn island that they have set to hold in the inventory. For this, they should enable the ‘Display in Lobby’ option.
In-Game Updates
  • Exhibit Hall: The position of the previously asymmetrical central booth and box has been changed.
  • The escalator has been disabled to allow better vision after arriving at the second floor.
  • Boats will now be spawned on certain shores of Akinta.
  • The sunset weather is now also available on Erangel (original) map along with Erangel (extreme).

New Unranked Mode

Players can now play freely without having to fear losing their rank by simply toggling off the Ranked Mode in the lobby. You can also check the Ranked mode icon if your teammates have the mode active. Players need at least 3000 points in the mode and their server to disable the Ranked Mode.

New State Mobile v0.9.40 Maintenance Schedule

new state mobile
Image via Krafton

As mentioned earlier, the servers will stay closed during the maintenance break. Below are the maintenance break timings for this Thursday:

  • Maintenance Schedule: 10/20, 00:00 – 06:00 (UTC+0)

Once the maintenance is over, the players can head to the app stores to download the new update.

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