nexGTv App Now Available on JioStore Across Jio Set Top Box Devices: Check Apps Available on JioStore

Jio has added a new steaming app to the Jio Store on Jio Set Top Box, which is running on Jio OS. Check out details here.

  • Jio Store will be the official marketplace on Jio OS and used on Jio Set Top Boxes.
  • The Store features some popular apps like nexGTV, ProReal, and more.
  • Yoga India App on Jio Store is a Free app available for all users.


Reliance’s Jio is one of India’s leading telecom operators and also offers broadband connection and set-top box services across various parts of India. Jio’s popularity has grown rapidly in India over the past few years as the company is undercutting the competition with aggressive pricing and initial launch offer benefits. Also, the company is offering quality service and value for money offering across all its products and services.

In the latest news from the house of Jio, Jio OS, an operating system which is part of Jio’s Set Top Box connection that comes with Jio Store as the official app store has added a new TV app. Jio STB is available as a part of Jio Fiber’s packs in India. Let us take a look at the detail of the newly added app.

JioStore MarketPlace for Jio OS on Jio STB Gets nexGTv App

Jio Store has announced that starting this week, under JioDevelopers BuildForBharat GrowthPad Program, nexGTv App is available on JioStore across JioSTB devices across India. nexGTv is one of the well-known apps that was first available for Android phones and it brings support for live streaming. The app offers 100+ Live TV channels, movies, music, and sports highlights as well.

In addition to this, ProReal streaming app is also now available on the STB devices.

Here are some of the other apps available on Jio Store on Jio OS:

  • Sivoo TV
  • Kiddoz TV
  • Ruah TV
  • KLiKK
  • Mandarin Matrix
  • Womens Health App by Dr. Nandita Palshetkar
  • Aawaz
  • iShala
  • Classic Dance Radio
  • EasyShiksha
  • 80s Rock
  • Summer Vacation Radio
  • Outer Vision TV
  • Mercury+
  • Lol TV
  • Heritage
  • nexGTv
  • ProReal
  • Yoga India
  • OTT Play Tv
  • Euro Soccer
  • Delicious Desserts
  • Crazy pranks
  • Family Channel Tv
  • Homi Lab
  • Tollywood Tv
  • Koode
  • Club Tv
  • Travel Tv
  • ABP News
  • Xtrem Sports
  • UnfoldU learning App
  • Glory TV
  • Mask Cinema
  • EMBIBE Learning app
  • Discover Film
  • SivooTV
  • Sochcast
  • Chaupal TV
  • UnfoldU Learning App
  • Chikoo Tv
  • BigTV
  • Mask TV
  • Cherry Tree Rhymes
  • Nithyam English
  • Nithyam Telugu
  • Josh Talks
  • Cinebox Prime App
  • aha App

These are some of the popular apps available on the Jio Store on Jio Set Top Box that runs on Jio OS. Going forward, we can expect the company to add more apps and services to the operating system and offer more content to users.