Nintendo 64 (HAC-043) Controller Spotted on Bluetooth SIG Website

It looks like Switch users could gain access to Nintendo 64 games soon.


Nintendo 64 is one of the most popular video gaming consoles from the company. Launched in the late 90s, the Nintendo 64 which is also popularly known as N64 was the brand’s popular product until the Nintendo Switch was introduced in 2017. A new listing suggests the official Nintendo 64 controller might soon be a reality as a companion to the Switch consoles. 

Nintendo 64 Controller Spotted

The unannounced gaming controller was spotted on Bluetooth Launch Studio which gives us some information on the upcoming gaming device. According to the listing, the product name will be Nintendo 64 Controller and as you can see in the image, the controller was spotted on the site recently. The description says this will be a gaming controller for Nintendo Switch.

It looks like the controller will feature Bluetooth 5.0 version for connectivity. Hosiden, the company which produces Nintendo Switch handheld gaming consoles can also be seen in the listing data. The Bluetooth SIG certification confirms the moniker as “Nintendo 64 Controller” with HAC-043 model number. 

A few weeks back, a mysterious controller from Nintendo was spotted on the FCC listing. The listing did not reveal any images or details of the controller. However, now that the controller has been spotted on the Bluetooth SIG website, we can expect more details to follow in the coming days.

If the company indeed launches the Nintendo 64 controller in the coming days, the Nintendo Switch users could be able to buy the official replica of the classic console’s controller. This could also give access to the Nintendo 64 catalogue of games. 

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