No Third Party or No Third Country Gets Access to Consumer Data: Vikas Jain, Co-Founder, Play Design Labs

The entire UI is made in India and the data is stored locally, says Vikas Jain.


Play Design Labs, popularly known as World of Play, made its debut in India last year as the new brand betting big on the power of connected devices. The company has introduced a slew of audio and wearable products under its PlayGo and PlayFit branding. Founded by Vikas Jain (Micromax’s co-founder), the new-age brand focuses on not only giving the best product but a complete end-to-end solution.

The company is also planning to expand its reach in the market by entering different segments. Vikas Jain, Co-Founder of Play Design Labs told MySmartPrice that the company will enter two segments in 2021: Home Entertainment and Home Security. He adds that the company will introduce new products in the home entertainment and home security segments throughout the year. Play is already present in audio and wearable categories with its PlayFit and PlayGo range of products.

For Vikas Jain, the philosophy is quite simply: Bring products with extensive R&D to differentiate oneself from the competition. And this is what Play has tried to do since its inception. “We’ve been able to differentiate ourselves in the retail market over the last 12 months and retail has especially taken a liking to our work, the product quality and the built of the product,” Vikas Jain told MySmartPrice.

Play Strives to create localised products

The company takes pride in designing products keeping the needs of the Indian consumers in mind. The company has designed the audio products keeping the fact in mind that India is a boisterous country and volume level of the product is equally important. “We’ve been able to structure our own sound, it’s a proprietary tech we have built-in known as an appropriate way that we’ve built in which is called EBEL (enhanced bass extra loud),” he added. The company always strives to deliver the best experience in both indoor conditions or a noisy outdoor environment.

In the wearable segment, the company make sure to use class-leading sensors to provide accurate data to its customers. “We have been able to bring about a lot of innovations in the wearable segment, whether it is about the display or the sensors that we use. The data that is coming to the user is from globally-acclaimed sensors and the accuracy of the data is what consumers have appreciated. Initially, when you buy a wearable product, it becomes a choice between hardware, features and more. But over a period of time when you use it, you will appreciate the correctness of the data,” he continued.

Play Wants you to design the products!

Design is an important aspect of the company. Jain says that the company is going to kick off a new initiative that is unique in its own right. He says that Play wants its users to design the upcoming products. “We are going to call up consumers to help us design the products. We will involve our consumers in the design process, where they will be able to give us key input about how they will love to see the product in terms of appearance, in terms of the features, and more. The beauty about designing the product is that once it is created a number of products, it is easier to roll out variants for that much faster,” he said. This will also allow customers to choose the right product that is tailored-made to fulfill all their needs,” he said.

Play takes data of consumers seriously!

The company’s major USP is application. Play takes pride in developing the app and hosting its servers completely in India. “We are proud of the fact that the app has been designed in India, and is hosted on the servers in India. So no third party or no third country gets access to the consumer data,” he explains. Jain says that this helps to provide a unified experience to customers who can get multiple products from the brand with the same application.

The company is trying to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition by giving all the data to the consumer even when he/she changes the devices. He adds that even if a customer’s upgrades from a device to another, the old set of data carries to the new device as well. This is a vital step as in most of the cases all the data capture on one device goes away the moment one switch from one device to another. Play is making it easier for its users to main the continuity of the data without worrying about changing the smartphone.

After-sale support is an essential ingredient!

For Play, after-sale services play an important role. “After-sales service is an essential ingredient and my journey at Micromax also taught me the same. So being a startup, we had the privilege of designing our own processes, and hence, we have launched a new service called PAHS, that’s called Play at Home service,” Jain explains. The company has introduced the new service to make it easier for its customers to replace or repair Play products right the comfort of their homes. “We understand that consumer is busy we’ve tried to deliver the service when he doesn’t need to move anywhere out of a home or office,” he adds.

The process is fairly simple. In case a Play device goes faulty, one can raise a ticket either through email or phone to the call centre. The call centre will arrange a pick up for the device, repair or replace it, and then deliver it back to the customer. The company is covering over 190,000 pin codes in India for its PAHS service. Jain adds that the pickup and replacement of the product take seven to eight business days. However, it might take longer is the area is under quarantine.

With this, Play is all set to take the market with a storm. The company will consolidate its position in the audio and wearable segment by launching products at different price segment. It will also branch out to other categories, including Home Entertainment and home security, in 2021. This coupled with unified app experience across its product catalogue and stress on after-sale support will help it to differentiate from other players in the segment. That said, Play’s strategy for this year will be on offering products that are designed by consumers with new innovations and aggressive price points.