Nokia 10 revealed in HMD Global’s internal documents, India among the key focus markets

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HMD Global is reportedly working on a new smartphone known as Nokia 10. The upcoming smartphone has been revealed in a leaked internal document from HMD Global. The Nokia 10 is said to be the successor of the Nokia 9 PureView. The document also shed some key information about the future plans of Nokia along with the focus markets. Here’s what you need to know about the future plans and Nokia 10.

Nokia 10 revealed in a leaked internal document

The leaked document reveals that HMD Global is working on Nokia 10 smartphone. The document does not reveal any specifications or features of the upcoming handset. However, it says that it is forbidden to discuss or leak information regarding the Nokia 10. The document also reveals some information about the HMD Global future plans. The company is trying to reach the top 3 biggest smartphone manufacturers in the next 3 to 5 years. Interestingly, in order to do so, the company is banking on Google.

It is not a surprise because Qualcomm and Google have recently invested in HMD Global. The company got a total investment of $230 million and it is valued above $1 billion. With the latest round of investment, the company is planning to take on the competition more seriously. Moving on, the document says that HMD Global need to follow a set of guidelines for future Nokia evens. One of them is that the brand should not compare the upcoming Nokia smartphones directly to other brands.

The document also reveals that HMD Global will be focusing on key markets and India is one of them. HMD Global got some good reception in its initial days, however, it is currently struggling to keep up with the competition in different price points. The documents say other key markets include China, Russia, Indonesia, UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and the USA.

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