Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8 Users Can Use this Best Google Camera App Feature to Capture Great Low-light Images

The Google Camera App meant for Pixel Smartphones has an as-yet unannounced and disabled mode that potentially takes great low-light photos.


A new feature buried in the Google Camera app can capture great low light images. The feature referred to as ‘Night Sight Mode’ isn’t officially launched yet. Moreover, not all the Google Pixel smartphones currently sold, can use the same. Still, a few modders have been able to extract the feature, and activate in the latest Google camera app. These talented app modifiers have successfully used the feature in Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 smartphones.

The ‘Night Sight Mode’ currently lies disabled in the Google Camera app. Moreover, only the Google Pixel smartphones have precedence. The app comes with the yet to be launched mode. It is not clear exactly why Google has kept the feature disabled. It is likely Google isn’t fully confident about the same, and intends to further tweak the feature. However, even in its present form, the Night Sight Mode has proven itself. Several users of the app claim they have been able to capture great-looking images that have been taken in low or poor lighting conditions. In an even more surprising twist, the feature can capture great low-light images even with the flash mode off.

Recompiled Google Camera App For Pixel Devices Works With a Few Nokia Phones

XDA Senior Member cstark27 recompiled the Google Camera app, and managed to activate the feature. Considering the experimental nature of the app and the feature, neither the XDA modder nor the original article explaining the process, have specifically mentioned any smartphones that can use the app. However, a few users dared to install and test the modded app and the experimental feature on Nokia 7 Plus, 6.1 Plus and another version on Nokia 8 and Nokia 6.1.

Nokia Night Sight Mode
[Image Credit: NokiaPowerUser]
The app installs on all of the Nokia devices. Moreover, it works fine on Nokia 7 Plus and the other devices mentioned above. Users can even access the Night Sight mode. However, several users have reported the app crashes when the mode is activated. Surprisingly, the XDA member came up with a solution. Users simply need to select “motion off” from the top menu. Perhaps the motion compensation feature, commonly in the form of OIS or EIS, might be interfering. Switching off the feature allows users to capture images with great details using the Night Sight mode.

Download And Use The Modded Google Camera App

We at MSP Gear do not promote using experimental apps or features. However, smartphone enthusiasts can download the APK installer file from AndroidHost. The app reportedly works on several Nokia smartphones. Hence users may try and install the same, but at their own risk.

Interestingly, the Google Camera app with Night Sight mode has been ported from a MI smartphone and works on Oreo smartphones like Nokia 8 and Nokia 6.1 as well. In any case, the app requires a fresh install.

Several users have confirmed not all Nokia smartphones support this app. However, the upside to the app is quite fascinating, and the potential is huge. The app clearly indicates Google is working hard to improve the imaging capabilities of the camera sensors embedded within smartphones today. Sadly, the app appears prioritized for Google Pixel devices.