Nokia 8110 4G Banana Feature Phone Powered by Snapdragon 205 Finally Goes on Open Sale in China

The Nokia 8110 Banana phone has finally gone on open sale in China. The device runs on KaiOS and supports networking applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and even other Google apps. Courtesy of its low-end hardware specifications, the battery is likely to last for over a day without having to charge it.


Nokia, unlike most other smartphone manufacturers also focus on its low-end phones. While the company does have its Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 7 Plus, it also has a phone with bare minimum features. This phone is mainly used for calling and texting. If you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s the Nokia 8110 Banana phone. Its name derives itself from its colour as the handset is completely yellow. If you look closely at the phone, you’d notice how the company has basically created a replica of the Nokia 8110 which launched all the way back in the year 1996. The Nokia 8110 has already been on flash sale in China but the device has now finally gone on open sale. This means that the device can now be purchased at any time.

Nokia 8110 4G Banana Phone Finally Goes On Open Sale In China

The Nokia 8110 Banana Phone has been one of the most difficult phones to find and purchase online. In fact, it has taken quite a few months for it to go on sale in China. Just a week or so ago, the device became available for purchase in India. The device is extremely nostalgic as it harkens back to the original Nokia 8110. The Nokia 8110 phone was always known particularly for its durability and its ability to withstand drops and falls. The Nokia 8110 Banana phone falls in the same league when it comes to durability. This is why the device is sought after even though it lacks many of the features which a user’s in today’s world would expect of a phone.

Nokia 8110 4G Banana Feature Phone Powered by Snapdragon 205 Processor Finally Goes on Sale in China

Did you know that the original Nokia 8110 smartphone was featured in the movie called “The Matrix”? If the phone’s curved design didn’t make it all that popular, it’s appearance in the movie made it one of the hot devices back in 1996. Fans, at the time, called the phone the “banana machine”. The device in 2018 still retains the same curved design and is slightly improved, running on KaiOS, and supporting 4G.

Nokia 8110 4G Banana Phone: Hardware, Specs And Features

The Nokia 8110 4G is only available in a yellow colour option. The device has bare minimum features and sports a 2.4-inch TFT display. A TFTT display of such a small size is barely seen on any devices any more. The device features a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The Nokia 8110 relies on its T9 keyboard instead of on a touchscreen. The keyboard is covered by a slider which is slid down to answer calls and slid up to ends calls.

At the heart of the phone lies the Snapdragon 205 SoC. This is coupled with just 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. While the phone lacks a front-facing camera, it does have a rear-facing one of 2MP with flash. One of the main USP’s of the phone is that it supports 4G VoLTE and also has IP52 drip-protection. It is juiced by a 1500mAh battery. While the battery capacity doesn’t sound impressive it actually is when considering the hardware which the phone has.

The Nokia 8110 feature phone offers a similar experience to the Reliance Jio Phone 2. Both offer very similar specifications on paper. The Nokia 8110 phone runs on KaiOS and owing to this user can actually make use of quite a few networking apps. Nokia 8110 users will be able to use Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and even other Google apps. Will you be purchasing the Nokia 8110 4G Banana phone? If so, let us know which feature of the phone really appeals to you.