Nokia Go Earbuds+ and Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+ Spotted on FCC Listing, Live Images Reveal Design

Let’s take a look at the Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+ leaked images and specs revealed via the FCC website.


Nokia could soon launch new wireless earphones. The company’s new Clarity Solo Bud+ and Go Earbuds+ have visited the FCC certification website ahead of the official launch. The leaked information on the FCC website reveals that the Solo Bud+ Bluetooth audio device is unlike any other TWS available in the market. Nokia might launch its audio product similar to the old school Bluetooth single earpiece. The images attached on the FCC website reveal the overall design of the Solo Bud+. It has a long stem behind the earbud, which comes with silicone ear-tips. Details of the Go Earbuds+ have also leaked via the FCC website. Let’s take a look at the Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+, Go Earbuds+ leaked images and specs revealed via the FCC website.

Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+ FCC listing

Nokia could soon launch the Clarity Solo Bud+. The Bluetooth audio device has visited the FCC website, revealing its key specs and design. The images attached with the user manual reveal the key details of the Nokia earbud. 

The earbud has a circular ear-hook for better grip. Nokia will ship three different sizes of silicon ear-tips with the Solo Bud+. There is an unusually long stem behind the earbud, which houses the key controls and sensors. It has volume up and down buttons on the edge. The top portion of the stem features a multifunction button (MFB), which can be tuned to perform various tasks. For instance, touch the button once to play/ pause music or answer/ reject calls. The same button can be used to reject incoming calls by holding them for a second. Users can invoke the voice assistant by holding the button for two seconds. 

The earbud also features a microphone and an LED indicator light, which will show the device’s battery status. Users can pair the earbud with a device by pressing and holding the MFB for three seconds. They can, next, connect the earbud with the device via the phone’s settings. After the initial pairing, the earbuds will automatically connect to the device whenever it is turned on. Alternatively, the earbuds will power off automatically when it is not connected to a Bluetooth connection for more than five minutes.

The leaked images further reveal that there is a USB Type-C port on top for charging the Bud+. Details about the audio driver and battery are unknown at the moment.

Nokia Go Earbuds+

The Go Earbuds+ come with the modern TWS design. The earbuds have an Apple AirPods Pro like design with a small stem. The charging case is small but wide in terms of design. It has a tiny LED indicator to show the battery life or pairing status. There is also a USB Type-C port at the bottom edge to refuel the charging case’s battery pack. The earbuds enter pairing mode once the case’s lid is lifted.

The earbuds also come with a touch bar to play/ pause music or manage incoming calls. Users can tap twice to increase or decrease the volume. Tap thrice to switch back to the next or previous song. Users can also use a single earbud as a mono speaker once it has been set up and paired with the device. You can check more details in the user manual below.

Nokia Go Earbuds+

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