Nokia X7 Users Report Bricking of Devices After Updating to November Android Security Patch

Several users who recently updated the Nokia X7 to the newest software version that included the November Security Patch have ended up with their phones bricked, as reported by a Nokia centric blogging site.

Nokia X7 Nokia 8.1

Looks like a recent Android security patch issued for the Nokia X7 has done more harm than good. According to a report by Nokia-centric blog Nokia Camp, several users who recently updated the Nokia X7 to the newest software version that included the November Security Patch have ended up with their phones bricked. Initial reports say that the problem has affected all users who tried to update. As per posts on Chinese social media website Weibo, the problem happens after the handset shuts and reboots after the update process is over. Once the handset shuts down, the devices stop responding to any input and go to the EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode), also known as the Qualcomm 9008 mode.

Nokia X7 Update Issue: Is there a fix?

Initially, it was reported that once the handset goes into the EDL mode, there is very little that the average consumer would be able to do to fix it. All the affected users were required to approach their local Nokia Care Point (service center) and have their devices reflashed. However, Nokia later issued a tool that can be used by the consumer to get their handsets back up and running. This is a Windows-only application that needs to be run with the bricked Nokia phone connected to the system. Once the flashing process is completed, the bricked Nokia X7 should come back to life. Another advantage of this tool is the fact that all user data is retained at the end of the process. This was in contrast to the earlier process wherein, flashing the handset with the original factory firmware would have ended up the users losing all their data.

In addition to the offer for having the handsets reflashed, Nokia has also opened an option wherein, an affected consumer can choose to return the handset in exchange for a new handset or even have their money refunded. The company also issued a statement in Chinese in which they apologized to their consumers for the inconvenience. It is in this statement that the offer for refund or exchange was also made.

What about Nokia X7 users who did not update?

If you are a Nokia X7 user reading this from China (where the X7 is currently exclusively sold), please do not proceed with the software update procedure until Nokia officially releases a fix for the issue. In case you have managed to get the Nokia X7 shipped out of China, then please do note that the local Nokia service center will refuse to flash your phone back to factory firmware. Basically, you would be on your own in such a scenario. At this moment, it is not confirmed whether people who have already received push notifications for the updates will be issued a warning asking them to not update.

Nokia X7: More about the handset

As you might have already read by now, the Nokia X7 is a China-specific model that was released by HMD Global a few weeks ago. The handset is expected to be launched in other markets around the world as well, albeit in a different name. As per current rumors, we can expect the Nokia X7 to either launch as the Nokia 7.1 Plus or the Nokia 8.1 in other markets. It is also plausible that this handset would eventually make it to India as well. 

Meanwhile, check out this video of Nokia’s budget offering, Nokia 6.1 Plus.

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