Nvidia Shield TV Gets Alexa Integration As Company Gives Aging Hardware New Purpose

The Nvidia Shield TV now has Alexa integration. This allows the powerful Android TV Box to be easily controlled using Amazon Echo and Alexa.


Nvidia Shield TV, a powerful Android TV Box, has received Alexa integration. The Amazon’s powerful internet-driven AI-based virtual assistant can now execute several functions on the Android Set-top Box (STB).

As an ongoing project to continually improve user experience on the Nvidia Shield TV, the company that makes powerful graphics card processors, has allowed Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to be integrated with the powerful Android STB. Virtual assistant support for the Shield TV is nothing new. However, Alexa’s integration significantly improves the ease of operation and also boosts the ability of the Android TV Box.

How To Add Amazon Alexa Virtual Assistant To Nvidia Shield TV Box?

Integrating Alexa within the Shiled TV is quite easy and the process is very straightforward. Interested users simply need to activate the Skill, and link their Nvidia account. These two simple steps are enough to start controlling the Shiled TV Box with the numerous Amazon Echo devices and other electronics that already support Alexa.

Nvidia Shield TV users interested in getting Alexa support, must open the Alexa app. Then head over to Skills and Games section. In there, search for ‘Shield TV’. Users will instantly see one pop up called “NVIDIA SHIELD TV” by Nvidia Corp. Activate the same. Once activated, users will have to link their Nvidia account.

Nvidia Shield TV Alexa
[Image Credit: Android Police]
Alexa is a powerful voice-driven always-on virtual assistant that has greatly improved the operability of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. However, speaking strictly about its association with Nividia Shield, users can easily control multiple primary aspects of the Android TV Box using simple vocal commands. Steps such as switching on the Nvidia Shield TV, controlling volume and media playback, opening streaming service apps like Netflix, quickly pausing and resuming YouTube videos, etc. is now easier than ever before.

If Nividia Shield TV users already have any Amazon Echo smart listening devices, the integration is even simpler. Moreover, the high-sensitivity microphones on the Echo make is very easy to remotely control the Android TV Box even when the user is not in the same room. In other words, Alexa is now an easier method of controlling the Shield TV than even the Assistant built into the remote.

Amazon Offering Free 3rd-gen Echo Dot With Every Shield TV:

Until quite recently, Amazon U.S was offering a free 3rd-gen Echo Dot to buyers interested in purchasing the Shield TV. Interestingly, purchases made at BestBuy received the same offer. Incidentally, those who had bought the Nvidia Shield TV previously or were a Shield Rewards Member, the company sent out emails containing “exclusive discount” while buying the Amazon Echo device.

Nvidia Shield TV

Sadly, Amazon and Nividia are limiting this integration and functionality to Android Boxes functioning in the U.S. only. However, it is quite likely the companies may soon allow Nvidia Shield TV boxes in several more regions to have this functionality.

The Nvidia Shield TV launched way back in January 2017. Hence the platform is almost two years old. Although the Shield TV continues to remain one of the most powerful Android TV Boxes that can play console-quality Android games, the hardware does appear a little dated.