Ola S1 Electric Scooter Starts Getting MoveOS 3 Beta Update, Here is What’s New

With the MoveOS 3 beta, your Ola S1 will now unlock automatically as you walk towards it.


Ola S1 electric scooters have started receiving an update to the MoveOS, bringing more features for the owners of the two-wheeler. With the new version, called MoveOS 3.0 beta, the Ola S1 units are now capable of proximity unlock, a new party mode, saving more rider profiles and more. Users can now also customise the look and feel of their Ola S1 units with new themes for the dashboard and new e-scooter sounds.

As mentioned in its name, the new MoveOS update is currently in beta phase and is only available to those requesting access to it. For this, Ola S1 owners can visit the official MoveOS3 Landing Page here and request the beta access to it by filling in the phone number associated with their Ola S1 unit. Note that the MoveOS 3 beta is only available to Ola S1 units for now, and not the recently launched Ola S1 Air.

Taking to Twitter, Ola Electric recently announced the rollout, giving us some clarity on how the software update will reach the company’s electric vehicles on the road. As per its tweet, Ola Electric will rollout the MoveOS 3 beta update in phases, till the time it comes out with a stable version. Post that, we can expect all Ola S1 units to have access to the new MoveOS 3.

As for what’s new, the MoveOS 3 beta brings new customisation options for the Ola S1 dashboards, new sounds for the electric scooter as well as a couple of new features, like the proximity unlock and party mode. Here is a deeper look at all that is new with the Ola S1 software update.

MoveOS 3 Beta – New Features

The biggest update this time around seems to be the Proximity Unlock feature. With MoveOS 3 beta, Ola S1 owners will be able unlock their e-scooters by simply coming near to them. The feature will work in tandem with a user’s smartphone, as the electric scooter will detect the phone’s presence nearby. As and when it does, it shall automatically unlock, ready for the owner to take it for a ride. Vice-versa, it shall lock when the user walks away from the e-scooter after the ride.

MoveOS 3 Beta will also let users save multiple rider profiles on their electric scooters. This will further let them share access to the e-scooters with others, modifying its behaviour and keeping record of the rides as per each rider. In addition, the MoveOS 3 will have a new call screen on Ola S1 dashboard, with automatic replies which the riders can send while riding the scooter. The feature will let users stay up to date with incoming calls and respond to them even while driving.

A new party mode on the MoveOS 3 will synchronize all the lights on the Ola S1, including the headlight, turn indicators and the taillight, with the music being played. It will also let users choose from 3 different regen modes to charge the scooter battery while braking, in order to get the possible range out of their electric scooters. Ola also says that the electric scooters can now gain 50km of range through a fast charging of just 15 minutes, thanks to the update.

Other than the features, the new software update for the Ola S1 electric scooters will bring new sounds and looks for the interface. New Moods, named Bolt, Vintage and Eclipse, will change the interface according to the user’s choice. While the first one provides a futuristic UI, Vintage will let users go for the look and feel of a traditional scooter. Eclipse, a theme inspired by space, comes as the default mode. These, and more new customisations will be available in both light and dark modes.