OnePlus 6, 6T Get Zen Mode and Screen Recording Feature with Latest Open Beta Update


OnePlus is rolling out a new software update to users of the OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T who are enrolled under the Open Beta program. This update for the OnePlus 6 is the Open Beta 19, and the one for OnePlus 6T is the Open Beta 11; both are based on Android 9 Pie OS. The update size for the OnePlus 6 is 308MB, and the one for OnePlus 6T is 365MB. This is, of course, a global, phased rollout. Hence, the update might take some time to reach your device. That being said, many users have already started getting this update. So, it might not take too long to reach your device. If you haven’t received the update yet, try checking for it manually.

The new Open Beta software update brings a few bug fixes, optimizations, and a couple of new features. However, the two significant things that the update brings are Zen Mode and an in-built screen recorder. The Zen Mode is OnePlus’ proprietary feature. And just so you know, the Zen Mode makes the smartphone useless for 20 minutes, making the screen inactive and blocking all the notifications so that the users can take a break from the digital world and try to relax in the meantime. The screen recorder basically records your screen. Here is a complete changelog posted on OnePlus’ website.

Table of Contents

OnePlus 6 Open Beta 19 and OnePlus 6T Open Beta 11 Changelog

  • System
    • Fixed the bug where Facebook messenger pops up notifications when in gaming mode
    • Improved smooth-scrolling experience
  • Message
    • Supported PIN-TO-TOP for notification category (India Only)
  • Network
    • Support Telia Denmark VoLTE/VoWiFi
  • Zen Mode
    • Added Zen Mode feature
  • Screen Recorder
    • Added Screen Recorder feature
  • Communication
    • Optimized the logic of dialing a contact while using two SIM cards

OnePlus 6 Is No Longer Available to Purchase; OnePlus 6T Available at Discounted Price

OnePlus discontinued the OnePlus 6 (review) soon after it launched the OnePlus 6T (review). If OnePlus’ history is anything to go by, the brand might soon discontinue the OnePlus 6T too as it has launched the new OnePlus 7 series smartphones. To clear out the stock, OnePlus Is offering the OnePlus 6T at a discounted price of INR 29,999 for the 6GB + 128GB variant, and INR 32,999 for the 8GB + 128GB variant. That being said, it isn’t a good idea to buy the OnePlus 6T now, as the new OnePlus 7 costs almost the same while offering a bunch of additional features. And just so you know, OnePlus has announced today that the OnePlus 7 will go on sale in India starting from 4th June.