OnePlus 6T Gets OxygenOS 9.0.10 Update that Improves Face Unlock, Nightscape Performance, Wi-Fi

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In the first week of December, OnePlus rolled out a software update for the OnePlus 6T that added audio tuning support for wireless headphones in the device. There were other improvements too, including in the camera app.

Today, OnePlus has announced the roll-out of another OxygenOS update for its new device, and this one adds improvement to the camera. The update also improves the Face Unlock and WiFi connectivity of the handset, and it will reach all users after a few days. For now, the roll-out is limited to a small number of users.

OnePlus 6T OS Update Brings December Security Patch

One important addition brought in by the new OxygenOS 9.0.10 update is the December security patch for the OnePlus 6T. Given that we are moving towards the last week of the month, this has been long pending. The update that was rolled out before this one was OxygenOS 9.0.7, and OnePlus in a forum post mentioned that only a small percentage of users will receive the new software update today. Based on feedback, the final rollout for all users will begin after a few days, although OnePlus did not make it clear how many. Usually, it does not take more than a week or so.

OnePlus 6T Update

OnePlus said it made several optimizations and added improvements in key areas. The changelog mentions improvement in the performance of the Nightscape feature, which is OnePlus’s own version of a low-light photography mode. The changelog for a software update for the device rolled out in November for users in the US had also mentioned enhancement of Nightscape, so perhaps this is the same. Apart from this, the changelog for OxygenOS 9.0.10 mentions improvements in WiFi stability and in the Face Unlock feature.

Moment Lens Support Coming For OnePlus 6T

US-based mobile lens maker Moment earlier this month announced support for the OnePlus 6, and in the same breath made a mention of plans for the OnePlus 6T. Moment team members said that since making a Moment phone case for a device takes a few months, they were unable to make one for the OnePlus 6T at the time of its launch.

However, they assured OnePlus 6T users that the device will soon get a case from Moment that will make it compatible with all Moment lenses, like the OnePlus 6 (review) has become. This could be done as early as January 2019, they said, and with that, OnePlus 6T users will be able to buy Moment’s wide-angle, Superfish, telephoto, and Anamorphic lenses.

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