OnePlus 6T: From Missing LED Notification to IP Certification, Here’re 11 Questions that are Now Clarified

The Ask Me Anything session took place on the OnePlus official forum to allow the community to pose questions about the OnePlus 6T and also about the company itself. 


OnePlus took to its Forums to carry out an AMA session for its new OnePlus 6T to clarify some questions early reviews and consumers had. The device builds on the success of the OnePlus 6 but makes some obvious omissions to keep the affordable price while pushing the specifications to compete with the flagship devices.

The Ask Me Anything session took place on the OnePlus official forum to allow the community to pose questions about the OnePlus 6T and also about the company itself.  We round up some of the interesting questions that the AMA revealed together with the answers OnePlus had to say.

OnePlus Gives Clarification for Many Questions

Why there is no notification LED?

The OnePlus 6 significantly reduced the size of the notch found on the previous generation device as well as that of many of the devices we’ve seen in 2018. However, by doing so, it left no room for things like a notification LED in the waterdrop notch. The reason OnePlus gave for omitting such a feature was simply to maximize the amount of screen space while minimizing the bezels on all sides.

What’s up with the screen protector included with the phone?

The standard screen protector included in the box is made of PET – polyethylene terephthalate. However, OnePlus is selling an additional screen protector directly on its website, which is significantly different. The one eventually being sold on the website, which OnePlus says is coming soon, is made of 3D glass.

Why is the option to use an Always on Display mode is not given?

OnePlus suggests that it has investigated the benefits of including an Always on Display and balanced it against the energy consumption of including such a feature. While the OnePlus 6T doesn’t feature an Always on Display, OnePlus isn’t averse to enabling it in future after understanding the negative impact on battery life.

Why are headphones are not included – despite having eliminated the jack?

OnePlus believes consumers already have a pair of headphones that they would use that are probably better than the ones included in the box anyway. The company continues to say that it would create waste and increase the price of the products.

Why OnePlus 6T does not have IP certification?

Rather than answering the question, OnePlus decided to clarify the extent to which its devices are water resistant. The company stated that it designs its products for daily use and not for extreme cases. Therefore, If you accidentally drop your phone in a puddle or spill some water, then it will be ok. However, if you want to go diving with it, then it won’t survive.

Will OnePlus launch a smaller smartphone?

OnePlus state that most people are happy with the current size of the device and it is not looking at changing this right now.

How does Night mode work?

The technology is a combination of several technologies and algorithms that enable the night mode. “First is the Nightscape HD. The second is the optimization of details so that the Nightscape photo looks clear and clear. The third is noise reduction. Finally, there is the stabilization of multiple tables”.

Will Night mode come to the OnePlus 5?

No, the mode will only work on the OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T due to hardware dependencies.

What features will be enabled on earlier models?

Software improvements such as Gestures 2.0 and smart boost will be available in 5 and 5T.

Can we expect a OnePlus smartwatch?


Screen unlocking can dazzle at night. Will there be a solution?

OnePlus say that it is currently working on improving this and already considers environmental factors.