OnePlus 6T Mania Grips The US as People Stand In Long Queues to Purchase it From T-Mobile’s New York Store


Looks like OnePlus’ newest smartphone, the OnePlus 6T has made quite an impact on smartphone enthusiast crowd in New York. Earlier this week on Monday, just three days before the phone was to go on sale, a large crowd gathered outside the flagship T-Mobile store at Times Square. It was at this store that a select few users had the chance to buy the OnePlus 6T a good three days before its official launch. The demand for the OnePlus 6T was so high, there was a serpentine queue outside the store. People who witnessed the rush believed that the queue was, in fact, longer than the ones observed outside Apple stores at the time of the 2018 iPhone launch, Business Insider reports.

OnePlus 6T: Why the sudden love?

While it’s been a while since OnePlus officially entered the U.S market, things are slightly different this time around. Until now, phones like the OnePlus 5T and the OnePlus 6 were sold SIM-free and unlocked directly through OnePlus’ own website. This time around, however, OnePlus has partnered with major U.S. carrier T-Mobile to offer the phone. The OnePlus 6T, therefore, becomes the first handset from the popular Chinese brand to be offered through a major U.S. carrier. This essentially means that you could simply walk up to a T-Mobile store and treat yourselves to a shiny new OnePlus 6T.

Another reason for the long queue was the fact that buyers will be able to get the phone with a massive $300 discount if they choose to exchange their old flagship grade device from popular brands. This essentially meant that they did not have to pay anything as downpayment and settle for a 24-month contract at just $11.67 per month.

In Apple’s defense, though, one of the reasons for the huge queue outside the store was because the phone was only available at that store on that day. Starting today, the OnePlus 6T will also be available for purchase from other T-Mobile stores. It remains to be seen if we will be able to witness the same frenzy outside multiple T-Mobile stores.

OnePlus’ future in the US market

OnePlus’ partnership with T-Mobile ensures that the brand will now be able to challenge the domination of other popular brands in the country – including the likes of Samsung and Apple. While it will take OnePlus a while to arrive on other carriers if the crowd outside the T-Mobile store is any indication, the brand is only set to get more popular in the future.

Many users who were in the line outside the T-Mobile store were also planning to use the OnePlus 6T on Verizon. This is because the new model is the first device from OnePlus that supports Verizon’s network.

OnePlus 6T: Specifications and features

The OnePlus 6T is a marginal upgrade over the OnePlus 6 that was announced just earlier this year. The new model gets a large 6.4-inch AMOLED display with the ‘teardrop’ notch. The display resolution remains near identical at 2340×1080 pixels. The phone uses the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset we saw on the OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6T will come in 6GB/128GB , 8GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB versions. As for the camera, the handset gets a dual camera setup at the rear consisting of a 16-MP (f/1.7) unit and a 20-MP (f/1.7) unit. At the front, the phone uses a 16MP, f/2.0 sensor/lens combination. The new model also sees a bump in the battery capacity from 3300 mAh to 3700 mAh.

In India, the phone is already on sale via Amazon and OnePlus’ own stores and has a starting price of INR 37,999 for the base 6GB/128GB version, INR 41,999 for the 8GB/128GB version and INR 45,999 for the 8GB/256GB version.