OnePlus 6T vs OnePlus 6: What’s New and Different in Specifications, Features and Price

We compare the less-than six month old OnePlus 6 smartphone to its successor, the OnePlus 6T. Both have some subtle but important differences.


OnePlus launched its latest flagship Android smartphone, the OnePlus 6T yesterday. The OnePlus 6T succeeds the OnePlus 6. The Chinese smartphone company revealed several details of the premium high-end Android handset, including hardware, specifications, features, price and availability. Now that we have the details, let’s compare the OnePlus 6T with its predecessor, the OnePlus 6, to discover what’s new and different in terms of specifications, features and price.

The OnePlus 6T arrived less than six months after the OnePlus 6. The refresh cycle for the smartphone seems rather small. However, it is quite apparent that OnePlus has made several design upgrades and cosmetic improvements to ensure the OnePlus 6T remains relevant amidst the multiple flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 Series, and several other devices that pack top-end hardware and premium features.

Incidentally, the OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T share several internals as well as hardware specifications, including the current flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Moreover, the devices also share similar optics. However, let’s discover some aspects that differentiate the two OnePlus smartphones.

OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 6T: Price

The OnePlus 6 is currently available in the Indian market, while the OnePlus 6T will launch today itself. The OnePlus 6 costs Rs. 34,999 for the 8GB RAM + 128GB internal storage variant. The OnePlus 6T launched in New York at a price point of $579, which translates to about Rs. 42,000 in India. The base variant of the OnePlust 6T with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage costs $549 or about Rs. 40,000 in India.

OnePlus 6T Pricing

Needless to mention, the OnePlus 6T sports a rather high price tag than the OnePlus 6. However, OnePlus has boosted the minimum onboard storage to 128G instead of the 64GB on the OnePlus 6. Incidentally, neither the devices have the ability to expand onboard storage by using a micro-SD card.

OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 6T: Display

The OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T both have the Full HD+ Optic AMOLED display which is bright and crisp. However, the OnePlus 6T has a slightly larger 6.41-inch display. The OnePlus 6 has a 6.28-inch display.

Interestingly, despite the size difference, both the displays have the exact same pixel density of 402PPI. However, the OnePlus 6 has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, while the OnePlus 6T gets the version 6.

OnePLus 6T Top Five Features

Incidentally, one of the biggest visual differences between the two OnePlus smartphones is at the top of the display. The OnePlus 6 has a rectangular notch that’s quite similar to the iPhone X. However, the OnePlus 6T sports a beautiful teardrop notch.

OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 6T: Battery

This is another area in which the OnePlus 6T is slightly ahead of the OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6 smartphone packs a 3,300mAh battery. However, the OnePlus 6T gets a larger 3,700mAh battery.

Interestingly, OnePlus advertised the Dash Charging support for the OnePlus 6. But it did not mention the same for the OnePlus 6T. Instead, it mentioned a 20W Fast Charging technology, which it did not name specifically.

OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 6T: Fingerprint Scanner

One of the biggest highlights of the OnePlus 6T is undoubtedly the in-display fingerprint scanner, called the ‘Screen Unlock’. OnePlus claims the latest under-display biometric scanner can unlock the device within 0.34 seconds. This is certainly an impressive ability. The OnePlus 6 sports a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner that’s even faster. However, it is a traditional scanner.

Incidentally, the OnePlus 6T gets an adaptive in-display fingerprint scanner that is said to get better with use. Apparently, the scanner starts to adapt to user behavior, and eventually improves the unlocking ability.

OnePLus 6T Top Five Features

OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 6T: Headphone Jack

Besides the fingerprint scanner, this is the biggest change in the OnePlus 6T. Starting with the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus has officially and permanently retired the humble but immensely practical 3.5mm headphone jack.

The OnePlus 6T comes with USB Type-C reversible port that supports charging, data transfer as well as audio connectivity. It seems a single port will have to work for multiple scenarios. While using all the previous OnePlus smartphones, users could charge the smartphone while listening to audio, but that ability is no more. Instead, OnePlus 6T buyers may have to rely on third-party adapters. Moreover, to use the traditional headphones, buyers will have to rely on a USB Type-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapters.

OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 6T: Conclusion

These are the five main differences between the OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T. The OnePlus 6T seems like an incremental upgrade. However, the company assures that the hardware and the features have been optimized for the 5G mobile connectivity that could launch soon.

Interested buyers who already own a OnePlus 6 smartphone need not upgrade immediately. OnePlus may offer some interesting and attractive offers in partnership with regional mobile carriers or service providers.