OnePlus 8 Pro’s Color Filter Camera Mode Disabled with Latest OxygenOS 10.5.9 Update Globally

The OnePlus 8 Pro has not gone on sale in India as of now but it will be up for purchase soon.

oneplus 8 pro featured image

The OnePlus 8 Pro, announced in back in April, had a 5MP Color Filter camera sensor that was unheard of in smartphones before.  The use case of the lens was buried deep inside the filter options in the camera menu called “Photochrome mode”. The sensor started making news because it was capable of seeing through translucent plastic material and even through thin clothes.

Citing privacy concerns, OnePlus issued an apology via its Weibo page about the possible misuse of its feature and said that it would be disabling the camera in a future update. The company said that this feature would only be disabled in China and will remain active around other markets. However, OnePlus has rolled out a new OxygenOS update for global users and it in fact does remove the Photochrome feature. Here is what the changelog for OxygenOS 10.5.9.IN11AA update says – “Photochrome filter temporarily removed for adjustment. The feature will come back around June”

OnePlus has removed the feature for global users but it would appear that it will be back by around June with improvements likely to change how much the camera sensor can see. An exact timeline for this is not currently known and the company will intimate as it sees fit. Interestingly, the update on the Indan OnePlus Pro happens to not have the removal of the Photochrome filter mentioned. It is possible that the company forgot to mention it in the changelog.

In more news related to OnePlus in India, the sale of OnePlus 8 will now happen on 4 June starting from 12.00 PM onwards. As for the, OnePlus 8 Pro there is still no clarity on when the device will be sold due to production issues at the OPPO plant. However, the company has said that production has now started which means that we should hear on a launch date soon.

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