OnePlus Watch Updated With Always-on Display, Camera Shutter Control and More

OnePlus is finally bringing the Always-on Display feature and remote camera control support for the OnePlus Watch with a new software update.

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus unveiled its first smartwatch alongside the OnePlus 9 series launch back in March. The OnePlus Watch is available in multiple markets currently. The Watch initially when launched lacked multiple features like Always-on display, and much more. Last month, the Chinese smartphone maker rolled out a new software update, the B.40 update for the OnePlus Watch, which improved GPS performance, and brought in better activity tracking, optimised heart rate monitoring algorithm, and fixed some bugs. The company last month when rolled out B.40 OTA update, promised that it would be bringing the Always-on Display feature, and remote camera control support in the next update. And as promised, OnePlus now has started rolling out new software update for the OnePlus Watch that brings in these essential features.

OnePlus Watch Gets Always-on Display Feature And Remote Camera Control Support

The new software update – the B.48 has started rolling to several OnePlus Watch users earlier this week. This latest software update brings in much-awaited Always-on Display support, a remote control camera function for Android smartphones, a new Marathon workout mode, and some essential improvements. Apart from this, the new update has also optimized the system UI and has fixed known issues and improved system stability, as per the changelog.

Now that the company has brought in Always-on Display support, the Watch’s display will be on continuously. This will no doubt affect the battery life. OnePlus mentions that with the Always-on Display feature the battery life will be reduced by about half. If you have received this new software update, make sure that the Watch has at least 40% battery left, before installing the new software. Additionally, you will need to keep the Watch close to your phone to avoid any Bluetooth connection drop. Here’s the changelog of this new software update:

OnePlus Watch B.48 Software Update Changelog

  • Add Always-on Display dial*
  • Remote Control Camera function
  • Add Marathon workout
  • Improvements
    • Optimize system UI details
    • Fix known issues and improve system stability.

As usual, this new software package will be rolled out to small users initially. When the company makes sure that there are no critical bugs in this release, the update should be available to more users. Do let us know in the comments section below if you have received the new B.48 software update.

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