OnePlus Watch Gets New Update With New Workout Modes, AI Outfit Watchface and More

OnePlus is rolling out a new B.52 software update for the OnePlus Watch which adds in marathon running function and AI Outfit watchface function.

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus launched its first smartwatch alongside the OnePlus 9 series back in March. When the OnePlus Watch was launched, the company claimed that the Watch supported 110+ sports mode. However, initially, few workout modes were available at the time of launch, and the company promised to include more than 110+ workout modes through a software update in the future. Now, in a recent development, OnePlus has started rolling out a new software update for the OnePlus Watch, which adds more than 110+ workout modes. Apart from this, the latest software update also adds a marathon running function and AI Outfit watchface function for the OnePlus Watch. Let’s check more details about this newly rolling out software update ahead:

New Software Update Rolling Out For OnePlus Watch

The new software update that is rolling out for the OnePlus Watch carries firmware version B.52. As per the changelog, OnePlus has multiple workout modes with this software release. OnePlus claims that the Watch now has in total 110+ workout mode with this new software update. The latest software update also has added a marathon running function and AI Outfit watchface function for the OnePlus Watch. With the AI Outfit Watchface, the OnePlus Watch displays a watch face based on a picture of the user’s outfit. And these are all the new changes, we get to see in the latest software release.

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Before updating the software on your OnePlus Watch, make sure that the Watch has at least 40% battery left. You will need to keep the Watch close to your phone to avoid any Bluetooth connection drop. As usual, the update is currently rolling out in stages. Initially, the update will reach to a limited number of users. OnePlus shall widen the reach of the update when it makes sure that there are no critical bugs with this release. Here’s the changelog of this new software update:

OnePlus Watch B.52 Software Update Changelog


  • Add multiple workout modes. Now you have more than 110 workout modes;
  • Add Marathon running function;
  • Add AI Outfit watchface function.

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