Oppo ColorOS 6 Unveiled with New Borderless Design, Color Matching UI and Game Sounder Function

The UI has been revamped and features a predominantly white design with a progressive color theme and a new text typesetting system


As expected, OPPO revealed the ColorOS 6 during an event in Shenzhen today to mark the fifth anniversary of the user interface. The ColorOS is an integral part of OPPO’s smartphone ecosystem and it has contributed to the company’s brand image and the popularity of its phones. During the event, OPPO said that the ColorOS has nearly 250 million users and it is used across 140 countries and regions. The company also highlighted the ability of the OS to provide a secure and stable smartphone experience to users.

ColorOS 6 Won’t Be Released Until 2019

Although the company has introduced the ColorOS 6, it will not make an official debut until 2019. However, the event has provided a preview of what’s to come. Quite like Xiaomi’s skin MIUI 10 and Samsung’s recently revealed One UI, the ColorOS 6 also aims to provide a better navigating experience on phones with large displays. Additionally, the new user interface will also improve the performance of the high-end and entry-level devices. We might see future OPPO devices shipping with the ColorOS 6 on top of Android 9 Pie. Currently, OPPO is rolling out ColorOS 5.2.1, which brings the Hyper Boost technology that optimizes gaming performance and popular social media apps such as Taobao, QQ, and WeChat.

What’s Coming With The ColorOS 6

The upcoming OS will introduce four fundamental design changes. First of all, the UI layout has been revamped and the text displays and icon distributions have been rearranged. The highlight is an all-white design, which gives the interface borderless aesthetics.  Apart from that, the ColorOS 6 features a progressive color scheme, under which OPPO has used a gradient design for multiple system applications and the UI as a whole. At the same time, white elements continue to feature heavily, making the color tone of the new OS look more refined and elegant.

The ColorOS 6 will also come with a new font created by OPPO, called the OPPO Sans. Moreover, a new text typesetting system will be introduced, which will give the system its own personality. The text layout scheme would complement the comprehensive screen design and improve reading efficiency by reducing visual fatigue.

Instead of using flashing and slow animations, the ColorOS 6 will adjust the system cutscenes and combine animations subtly. A game sounder function has also been added which will create more gripping effects. It will come with numerous sound templates, allowing you to customize freely. This particular function will be available in open beta soon.

The presentation focused more on the design elements of the new OS than the functionial changes, but hopefully, more information will be revealed as the official release date inches closer. Overall, the new system looks lighter and beautiful with its new color scheme and unified style. It appears that most of the work has already been done, so it shouldn’t be long before the new OS is officially rolled out. However, since OPPO hasn’t announced any official release date, we will have to wait and see what the company has in mind.

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