Oppo F19, F19 Pro Could Feature 10X Lossless Zoom with Triple-Rear Camera Setup: Report


Oppo is actively working on improving the camera abilities of its smartphones. The company, which prides itself over the Oppo F Series, is attempting to embed powerful imaging hardware in the next year’s premium Android smartphones. The Oppo F19 and the F19 Pro Android handsets could feature DSLR-grade 10X lossless zoom capabilities. The devices could also feature triple-camera setup on the back to achieve the seemingly amazing feat.

Oppo is deep in development of its next-generation of flagship Android smartphones in the ever popular Oppo F Series. The F19 and the F19 Pro could pack some unusual but effective camera lenses that rely on several optical technologies. The ‘Hybrid Optical Zoom’ technology could debut in these premium Oppo smartphones. It would allow these devices to capture objects that are long way off in the distance. The 10X zoom capabilities would offer photos with lossless clarity. In other words, the objects wouldn’t lose their details or crispness of the photos.

Oppo F19 and F19 Pro to Offer 10X Lossless Zoom With Triple-Rear Camera Setup

One of the most commonly observed smartphone trends that will continue in 2019 is embedding ever more powerful camera lenses that further benefit from AI-driven features. The Oppo F19 and the Oppo F19 Pro are certainly no exception. Serial tipster Ice Universe (@IceUniverse) claims Oppo could showcase the technology as early as the next month’s CES2019 trade fair or the Mobile World Congress, which is scheduled for late-February, 2019.

Corroborating the claims are the leaked patent drawings related to the Oppo F19 and Oppo F19 Pro. These confidential documents seem to indicate that the upcoming technology will be similar to what the company has used to accomplish 5x lossless zoom in 2017. The documents are no longer available online. However, back in 2017 Oppo had caused a lot of excitement about its camera design. That time the company had attempted to explain the technology by issuing a statement.

Oppo R9s Camera Sensor Sony IMX398

“The dual camera utilizes wide-angle and telephoto lenses and the housing for the telephoto lens use an innovative periscope-style structure. By shifting the angle of the telephoto lens by 90 degrees, the lens will have the space it needs for a deep zoom. A periscope-style prism then directs the path of the light entering the camera by 90 degrees, and sends the image through the telephoto lens when the user zooms in on a subject or object.”

Oppo Relying On Imaging Hardware And AI To Offer 10X Lossless Zoom On F19 And F19 Pro?

In simple words, Oppo had placed the telephoto camera lens that is needed for zooming abilities, parallel to the smartphone. This allowed the company to use several lenses without the camera jutting out of the smartphone.

It is not exactly clear what Oppo means by the ‘Hybrid Optical Zoom’ terminology. However, it is quite possible it involves the use of software processing along with multiple camera lenses. More specifically, Oppo could rely on AI capabilities of the mobile processor to filter out noise and maintain the details. We will surely update our readers as soon as more details surface about the supposedly new technology Oppo is developing to offer 10X lossless zoom on Oppo F19 and F19 Pro.