Oppo F9 Pro, Oppo Find X Sport VOOC Flash Charge Technology: What is It, How Does It Function? Find Out

VOOC Flash Charge technology is two times as fast as a standard charger.


Apart from the basic hardware specifications, there are a number of additional features that make a handset smart. The smartphone makers, these days, invest a lot of time and research on providing their devices with these additional features. Support for fast charging is a very common expectation today. Chinese smartphone maker Oppo spends a great deal on research and development. The company has a proprietary battery charging technology called VOOC Flash Charge. Smartphones like the Oppo F9 Pro and the Oppo Find X come with this technology and add more to their popularity. The company has also launched a newer charging technology called the Super VOOC charging.

VOOC Flash Charge Technology

VOOC Flash Charge is Oppo’s fast charging technology, which is claimed to be two times as fast as a regular 5V/1A charger.

Oppo Hardware Technical Expert and Core Developer of VOOC Flash Charge Chen Tian has revealed some important statistics regarding the technology. According to him, if a regular charger takes 200 minutes to charge the battery up to 100 percent, the VOOC Flash Charge can pull off the same in 100 minutes. The company has a newer and even better technology called the Super VOOC. This charging technology is a major improvement over the VOOC Flash Charge. The Super VOOC Flash charge can charge the phone’s battery up to 100 percent in less than 60 minutes.

The Super VOOC technology recently became commercially available. It made its debut with the Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition. Note that the standard variant of Oppo Find X comes with VOOC Flash Charge.

VOOC Vs Super VOOC Charge Technology

The one obvious difference between the two is the charging speed. Apart from that, the VOOC and Super VOOC are quite apart in terms of specifications. A standard charger delivers an output of 5V/1A, while a standard fast charger delivers an output of 5V/2A. With the VOOC Flash Charge, the charging adapter delivers an output of 5V/4A. Super VOOC charger, on the other hand, delivers an output of a whopping 10V/5A (50W), which is way higher, compared to any charging technique available for smartphones.

Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge technology comes with proper safety measures. It has undergone five layers of protection. Being a proprietary fast charging method, it needs Oppo’s own power adapter and charging cable. Furthermore, the power adapter comes equipped with adapter overload protection. So, once the phone is fully charged, it will automatically cut-off the power supply to your device, preventing the damage caused by overcharging.

The flash charging condition is determined by a chip on, which is featured on the USB interface on the cable as well as the power adapter. At the receiving end, the USB interface has a 7-pin interface overload protection. The smartphone itself comes with a battery fuse along with protection against overload. In conclusion, the VOOC fast charging method is completely safe, and, you can tell, it will not work with any other smartphones or chargers.