After Xiaomi, Oppo Showcases Wireless Air Charging Technology in its First Rollable Smartphone

OPPO has shared a 30-second video on its official Twitter handle showcasing the use of new wireless air charging technology.


OPPO recently showcased the Oppo X 2021 smartphone with a rollable screen that looks unlike anything we have seen before. But there’s more to the concept than just the design. The company demonstrated its new wireless air charging technology on the rollable smartphone, at the ongoing MWC Shanghai.

OPPO shared a 30-second video on its official Twitter handle showcasing the use of new wireless air charging technology on its rollable display phone called the OPPO X 2021. Let’s have a detailed look at the new technology showcased by OPPO at MWC 2021.

Contact-free wireless charging is soon going to be a reality

The video shared by OPPO on its official Twitter handle shows a rollable smartphone placed on a charging mat with a wooden texture which instantly starts charging the phone. Later in the video, you can see that the smartphone is lifted in the air and it’s still charging, which means the company has used air charging technology here.

“At #MWC21 this year we’re showcasing the next evolution in charging

Presenting Wireless Air Charging – no cable, no charging stand, just freedom to move!” reads the OPPO tweet.

Further, the video also shows air charging technology even works when the phone is tilted on any side. So basically the video suggests that the users needn’t have to place the smartphone on the charging mat and wait for the battery to fuel up. Users can use the phone even while charging.

The technology certainly looks impressive. But Oppo held back the key specifications of the technology including the wattage and the time the Oppo X 2021 will take to fully charge.

Back in January Xiaomi revealed its Mi Air Charge technology and just a month OPPO unveiled its air charging technology. This new technology will allow users to charge their compatible devices remotely. Mi Air Charge technology is confirmed to charge smartphones and other devices within a range of 4cm. It would be interesting to see the capabilities of the OPPO wireless air charging technology when the company will make it official. Do share your thoughts about the OPPO Wireless Air Charging technology in the comment section below.