OPPO X 2021 Rollable Phone With a 6.7-inch Display, Which Can be Unrolled into a 7.4-inch Size, Showcased at INNO DAY 2020

Let’s take a look at what OPPO announced at the OPPO INNO Day 2020.


OPPO, at the OPPO INNO Day 2020, unveiled the company’s “3+N+X” technology development strategy. At the event themed “Leap into the Future”, OPPO unveiled the OPPO AR Glass 2021 and the OPPO CybeReal AR application. However, the highlight of the show was the OPPO X 2021 – a rollable concept handset. The OPPO X 2021 is still a concept that is quite similar to TCL’s sliding-screen phone teased earlier this year. It features a 6.7-inch screen that extends to become a larger 7.4-inch display with the help of proprietary tech and hardware. Let’s take a look at what OPPO announced at the INNO Day 2020.

OPPO announces OPPO X 2021, OPPO AR Glass 2021, and the CybeReal AR application at INNO Day 2020

At the INNO DAY 2020, Tony Chen, the company’s Founder and CEO, pointed out that the company is determined to pursue virtuous innovation and create more great products through its 3+N+X technology development strategy. 

The “3” refers to the three underlying technologies, namely hardware, software, and services technologies, which help the company to bring an integrated smart life to users worldwide. “N”, represents a number of OPPO’s essential capabilities, including AI, security and privacy, multimedia, and interconnectivity. Lastly, “X”, refers to the leading-edge and differentiated technologies and strategic resources such as the flash charge technology that foster innovation and greatly improve user experience.

Based on this development strategy, the company made three new announcements.

OPPO X 2021


OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset is the latest achievement of the company’s R&D in flexible display and structural stacking, bringing users a more natural interactive experience. 

The concept handset features OPPO’s three proprietary technologies, including the Roll Motor powertrain, a 2-in-1 Plate, and a self-developed Warp Track high-strength screen laminate. They lead to a continuously variable OLED display that measures as small as 6.7-inch and as large as 7.4-inch, which allows users to adjust the size of the display based on actual needs. The company gave an example of clicking a video link which results in the screen adjusting for the aspect ratio.

Because of the company’s proprietary dual-rolling motors underneath the display, it managed to overcome the issue of the visible crease that has plagued the current foldable display tech.

The rollable device is still a concept and the company did not announce a release date.

OPPO AR Glass 2021

AR Glass 2021 is an improved version of last’s year’s AR glasses that the company had unveiled. The company claims that AR Glass 2021 is compact and is nearly 75 percent lighter than its predecessor. There is a 0.71-inch OLED display built-in, and a large amplitude speaker. As for the core components, AR Glass 2021 is built with the Birdbath optical solution to enhance the immersive experience. 

The AR Glass features diverse sensors, including a stereo fisheye camera, one ToF sensor, and one RGB camera. They can not only support a number of natural interactions, including interactions via smartphone, gesture-based interactions, and spatial localisation, but also complete the three-dimensional spatial localisation calculation within milliseconds, achieving precise localisation and offering users real and natural experience of spatial interaction in the AR world through constant update and feedback of the real-time position of the user within the space. 

The AR glasses can be paired with a smartphone, and the latter can be used as a touchpad. The binocular fisheye cam can recognise four markers on one finger and 21 markers on a single hand. Use cases include streaming of AR streaming of online and offline videos for a “theatre-like” viewing experience, AR gaming, and virtual placement of objects like products on a table.

The company would be providing a client-side SDK and a development tool kit to help developers create AR apps under its OPPO AR developer program.

OPPO CybeReal AR application

The CybeReal AR application is powered by real-time, spatial calculation technology that enables high-precision localisation and scene recognition. It comes with support for the company’s three core technologies, including accurately reconstructing the world to the centimetres, real-time high-precision localisation, and OPPO Cloud, enriching user’s perception and understanding of the real world.