Orangutan Gaming Crowned as the Champions of Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 1, Gods Reign are the Runner-up

The top 10 teams have qualified for South Asia Split 2 which is set to commence on 29 April.

  • Valorant Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 1, organized by Nodwin Gaming has concluded its Grand finals with Oragutan Gaming walking away as the Champions
  • The team won against Gods Reign with a 3-0 scoreline and received $14000 USD prize money.
  • Orangutan has never dropped a single match all throughout the tournament.


Orangutan Gaming has proved their mettle in the epic Grand Finals of Valorant Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 1 against God Reigns. The team was crowned as the champions of the event with sheer domination as they have not dropped a single match throughout the tournament. Orangutan Gaming has walked away as the champions with $14000 USD and they have qualified for Split 2, which is set to begin soon.

Orangutan Gaming has qualified for the playoffs by becoming the table topper in Group B of League Stage with +48 points. Orangutan and Velocity were placed in the Upper bracket semi-finals as they topped their respective tables in the League stage. Let us know more about the playoffs and how Orangutan has paved their way to the Grand Finals and the championship.

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Orangutan Gaming Wins Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 1 Grand Finals Against Gods Reign

Image via Orangutan’s Twitter

The following are the teams that have qualified for the playoffs:

Group A Group B
Velocity Gaming Orangutan Gaming
Gods Reign Aster Army
True Rippers Reckoning Esports

As the table toppers have an exclusive spot in the playoffs, it was down to the other teams to fight in the upper-bracket Quarterfinals to reach the semi-finals. Aster Army was placed against True Rippers while Gods Reign took on Reckoning Esports. 

True Rippers and Reckoning Esports have qualified for Upper-Brackett Semi-finals to face Velocity Gaming and Orangutan Gaming respectively while the lost teams were placed in the Lower-bracket Finals. True Rippers had defeated Velocity Gaming while Orangutan made it to the Upper bracket finals after they won against Reckoning Esports. During the Upper bracket finals, True Rippers had lost to OG for a 0-2 scoreline which made them pit against a team in the Lower-bracket finals.

In the lower-bracket quarter-finals, Aster Army and Gods Reign defeated Reckoning Esports & Velocity Gaming respectively which made them qualify for the Lower bracket semi-finals. However, Gods Reign has defeated Aster Army to make it to the Lower Bracket finals.

In the lower bracket finals, Gods Reign emerged as the champions which marked their way to the Grand Finals against the Ape Army, the OG.

The Grand Finals were played in a Best-of-five format where Oragutan clean sweep Gods Reign with a 3-0 scoreline and ultimately emerged as champions. Orangutan might have lost some maps during some matches but never lost a single round throughout the tournament. That way Oragutan come all the way to the finals and showed dominance in every single match they played.

Prize pool Distribution

The tournament featured a prize pool of $40000 USD which is spread across teams as follows:

  1. Orangutan Gaming – $14000 (approx. Rs 11.4 lakhs) 
  2. Gods Reign – $8000 (approx. Rs 6.5 lakhs)
  3. True Rippers – $6000 (approx. Rs 4.9 lakhs)
  4. Aster Army – $4000 (approx. Rs 3.2 lakhs)
  5. Reckoning Esports – $2000 (approx. Rs 1.6 lakhs)
  6. Velocity Gaming – $2000 (approx. Rs 1.6 lakhs)
  7. MLT Esports- $1000 (approx. Rs 81000)
  8. Medal Esports – $1000 (approx. Rs 81000)
  9. Godlike Esports – $1000 (approx. Rs 81000)
  10. Lethal Esports – $1000 (approx. Rs 81000)

All the above teams have made it to the Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 2 which is scheduled to take place from 29 April 2023 to 11 June 2023. The event features a prize pool of $100,00 USD (approx. Rs 81 lakhs) and the winner of this championship will qualify for Valorant Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific, a Riot-organized event which will take place in July and August 2023.

Valorant Challengers South Asia is organized by Nodwin Gaming in collaboration with Riot Games and sponsored by Hyundai, Loco, Philips, and Omen.

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