Panasonic Launches Made-in-India Convertible Refrigerators: Price and Availability

The new Panasonic refrigerators are available in capacities ranging from 260 litres to 401 litres

  • Panasonic has launched two new series of refrigerators in India.
  • The Prime Convertible Series feature a two-door design, and the Frost-Free series comes with a compact single-door design.
  • These new refrigerators by Panasonic are manufactured locally in India.

Panasonic has launched two new series of refrigerators in India. The company has released its new Prime Convertible Series featuring a bottom-mounted freezer. Panasonic also launched budget-friendly frost-free refrigerators in a compact size.

Panasonic says that these two new refrigerator series are completely Made-in-India. The company also shared its plans for expanding its appliance production in India to cater for the needs of the Asian markets.

Panasonic Prime Convertible Refrigerators: Price and Availability

The new Prime Convertible refrigerators from Panasonic are available in two capacities. The 357-litre model is priced at Rs 55,490 and the 401-litre model is priced at Rs 63,490. Both refrigerators can be purchased from the Panasonic online store, Amazon, and offline retail stores.

Panasonic also launched a series of frost-free refrigerators, featuring a compact design. These refrigerators have a capacity of 260 litres and are priced at Rs 23,490. These budget-friendly refrigerators are available to purchase in offline retail stores.

Panasonic also has an exchange program where you can trade your old refrigerator to avail discount on your new purchase. The exchange value will depend on the type of your old fridge.

Panasonic Prime Convertible Refrigerators: Features

The Prime Convertible refrigerators feature a two-door design. Since this is a convertible model, the freezer unit can be set to be used as a fresh zone too. The fridge offers four different cooling modes: Tiffin Fresh, Pro-marinate, Insta Fresh, and Pro Chill.

Panasonic has used ECONAVI sensors in the fridge that help to adjust the cooling, depending on the temperature of the fridge. The company says that these sensors help to save 10% of energy while keeping your food fresh. These refrigerators can also adjust the cooling based on the opening and closing patterns of your fridge door.

Panasonic is offering a 3-year warranty on the complete refrigerator unit, and a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Panasonic is using an inverter-compatible compressor on these new refrigerators.

The Pansonic Prime Convertible refrigerator is available in only one colour which is Diamond Black. The fridge offers a premium metallic finish on the doors and side panels while using a powder-coated back panel.

Panasonic Frost Free Refrigerator 260 Litre Model: Features

The frost-free refrigerators by Panasonic are designed in compact sizes to meet the needs of the market. These refrigerators have a capacity of 260 litres and feature a single-door design.

These refrigerators use a surround airflow cooling system to ensure optimum cooling in all parts of the fridge. It also uses toughened glass panels for the shelves. Panasonic is also providing accessories such as bottle holders and ice trays with the fridge.

The frost-free series of refrigerators by Panasonic comes with a 1-year warranty for the unit and a 10-year warranty for the compressor. These are available in Electric Gray, Ocean Blue, and Floral Blue colours.

Panasonic says that the company is expecting double-digit growth in the refrigerator market in India with these two new series. They have also committed to producing more kitchen appliances in India under its Make-in-India agenda. The company is also expecting a 14% revenue growth in its large appliances business in India.