Philips Launches Smart Home Security Cameras, And Home Safety Apps In India: Price, Specifications

Philips also has introduced user friedly Home Safety app for the new cameras which is compatible with devices running iOS 15 and higher and Android 8 and higher.

  • The newly launched smart security camera from Philips starts at Rs 3,295.
  • The camera offers enhanced day and night vision support, motion detection, and two-way communication support.
  • The cameras also have AES-128 encryption support.

Versunui, formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances has announced the strategic expansion into home safety products with the launch of three smart security cameras. Alongside, the launch of three new security cameras, the company also has announced the user-friendly Home Safety app. Versunui claims that Philips Home Safety Solutions offers homeowners a range of benefits, combining artificial intelligence, user-friendliness, and reliability.

The newly unveiled Philips smart security cameras can effectively differentiate between motion, noise, and people thereby reducing false alarms and providing accurate alerts. The smart security cameras offer 24/7 control, viewing, recording, or responding to security events from anywhere. The cameras also have AES-128 encryption support which safeguards videos even if the SD card is removed. Additionally, app-level biometric recognition protects against unauthorised access. The newly introduced smart security cameras also come with a 2-year warranty.

Philips Smart Home Security Cameras Pricing And Availability

The Philips smart home security cameras – HSP 1000, HSP 3500 and HSP 3500 cost Rs 3,295, Rs 5,295 and Rs 7,795 respectively. These new cameras are available for purchase in India via Amazon and Philips Domestic Appliances online store.

Philips Smart Home Security Cameras Specifications, Features

The Philip smart home security camera HSP 1000 comes with a 2MP image sensor and it offers 24/7 control on the move via app. Furthermore, it also has enhanced day and night vision support, full HD resolution, motion detection, live view, two-way communication support, and an anti-theft alarm system that provides smart alerts with easy DIY installation. It also supports a microSD card up to 128GB, a built-in mic, and a siren. The Philips Home Safety app which is compatible with all the newly introduced cameras works on smartphones running either iOS version 15.0 and higher or Android 8 and higher.

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Moving onto the Philip smart 360-degree WiFi indoor security camera HSP3500 model, it has a 3MP image sensor, 360-degree view and enhanced 2k clarity. Furthermore, it also incorporates motion detection, live-view, a two-way communication feature, an anti-theft alarm system, and smart alerts. It also has a microSD card support up to 128GB, a built-in mic, and a siren.

The Philips smart 360-degree WiFi indoor security camera HSP3800 model features a 2MP image sensor, Full HD+ 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, enhanced day and colour night vision for a clear view, motion detection with a spotlight, and an anti-theft alarm system. Furthermore, it also has a weatherproof IP65 rating for clear vision even during rain.