Pixel 3a’s Time-lapse Mode Now Available on All Pixel Phones with Latest Google Camera App Update


Google broadened its horizon with the latest Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Both the new Pixel phones were launched at the I/O 2019 event and are the first mid-range phones by Google. Google Camera app on the phones comes with a new Time-lapse mode. Google introduced this new mode on Pixel 3a phones, it was not present on previous Pixel phones. However, in a new update rolled out for the Google Camera app, the tech giant has added the Time-lapse mode for other Pixel phones too.

Pixel 3a’s Time-lapse Mode Now Available on All Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 3's Camera App - Time-lapse Mode

Time-lapse mode on brought by the latest Google camera update enables users to record video at low frame rate resulting in fast motion videos. It is a string of stills stitched into a clip to play it at a quicker pace. Such videos are a fun way of recording moments. The latest update brings the Google Camera app to version 6.2.030. Spotted first by AndroidPolice, the update should now be visible on Google, and you can update it from there if it has not been automatically installed on your phone.

After getting updated with the latest version of the Google Camera app, the entire Pixel lineup including Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and the Pixel 3A XL have the Time-lapse mode.

Using Time-lapse Mode On Pixel Phones

The Time-lapse mode in the Google Camera app can be accessed by tapping on the ‘More’ option. The mode also allows users to select between speeds ranging 1x to 120x. It also has a compress button that renders a 20-minutes shot in a 10-second time-lapse video. When the user chooses the Time-lapse and begins recording, they will see the progress circle displaying the time elapsed and time left. Additionally, users also have control over pausing and stopping the video whenever they want. Also, they can tweak white balance before starting the recording.

The Time-lapse video is saved in an MP4 video format in the Gallery. All the video also feature a Time-lapse indicator boasting that it is created using the new mode. For the Pixel users who have not got the update and can’t even see it on Google Play, they can try the manual download via APK Mirror.

Do you have a Pixel phone? If yes, then let us know if you have got the Google Camera update and can use the Time-lapse mode in its full glory. Head to the comments section below and share your experience.

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  1. Yes..got the feature in my 2 XL. Initial impressions are good. But the quality of the frames could have been better. No HDR+ for the stills..?? Or probably because I shot it in the night.

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