Pixel, Pixel 2 Get Tracking Autofocus And Motion Metering in Night Sight in Latest Google Camera Mod

The tech giant has rolled out the Night Sight feature for all the devices of the Pixel family. If you happen to own a Pixel 2 or on OG Pixel, you will get to use all the latest camera features on your device.

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Google added the latest version of Google camera mod, which enables Google Pixel and Pixel 2 owners experience exciting newer features in the Google Camera App. There are a few features in the app that could not make it to the Pixel and Pixel 2 handsets. The major ones include motion metering and tracking autofocus. The download link is available at XDA Developers, you can head over and install the correct version for your device from the thread.

Google Pixel devices are best known for their camera capabilities. The Pixel 3 gathers most of its popularity because of the cool camera features, thanks to the Google Camera App, which stores all the image enhancing techniques. What makes it more appealing is the ability to port to other handsets running Camera2 API. And, that is how the older Pixel devices are still doing great in the camera department. The tricks in the app are extended to older devices and handsets of other brands, so you get to enhance the images using the software.

What is Motion Metering and Tracking Autofocus?

While tracking autofocus was introduced with the Google Pixel 3, motion metering has been around for a while in a different form. Motion metering simply prevents the images from getting blurred if something accidentally moves while taking the shot. It also works if you happen to shake the camera. This feature can be enabled in the Night Sight too. Motion metering will come to the original Pixel and Pixel 2 with the latest Google camera mod, whereas the Night sight has recently started been pushed with an update and the feature is reportedly getting more optimized.

Tracking autofocus, on the other hand, is a new feature that allows the camera to focus on a selected object while it will track the scene. In simple words, you can fixate your camera on an object, say a table lamp and move around the area without shifting the focus. The best use of this feature is to take shots at just the right time. For instance, if you want to take a picture of your dog doing a trick, you can just fixate your camera on it and click at the right moment without having to focus for every single shot.

Night Sight Rolling Out for All Pixel Devices

Google announced the Night Sight feature with the launch of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The self-explanatory feature lets you take a detailed shot in poor lighting situation. we have seen the night mode enabled cameras on several devices before, but Google’s Night Sight is different. Being largely dependant on the software, this feature has impressed the users than anything else that serves the same purpose. If you are taking a picture in this mode in the Google Camera App, the software checks if the device has been placed on a surface or you are using your hand. If it detects a surface, it will take long-exposure shots. For the shots taken with bare hands, there will be short exposure and negligible motion blur. Further, the software combines the burst of images, adjust brightness, removes motion blur and comes up with an meticulous image.

This feature impressed a lot of people in the Pixel 3 launch event, but it was not available just yet. The tech giant has rolled out the Night Sight feature for all the devices of the Pixel family. If you happen to own a Pixel 2 or on OG Pixel, you will get to use all the latest camera features on your device.


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