PlayStation 4 Now More Expensive and Back in Stock in India, Even As Sony PS5 Eludes Gamers

Sony removes the promotional price of the PS4 in India, now available for sale at MRP.


The launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 in the Indian market made a lot of people happy, especially the Indian gaming community and enthusiasts. However, the availability of the gaming console was always a big concern for the consumers because most of the time PS5 went out of stock within a fraction of minutes. However, here we are not talking about the PlayStation 5 we are talking about the predecessor PS4 and it seems this news will disappoint all the potential buyers. According to the latest report from IGN India, Sony has hiked the price of the PS4 consoles and soon it will bring back the stock in India. Here’s a closer look at the new price of the PlayStation 4.

Sony PlayStation 4 Price Hike in India

According to the latest Amazon India listing page, the PS4 price hike is now in effect and the company will bring back the stock on March 30. Consumers can still place the order and wait for the shipment once the company restocks the PS4 units on March 30. Coming back to the pricing, the company has increased the price of the console. Now buyers need to pay Rs 29,990 for the new PS4, earlier the price of the gaming console was Rs 27,990.

The report claims that the reason behind the price hike of the PlayStation 4 might be the promotional scheme price which was Rs 27,990 and the MRP of the console is Rs 29,990. It seems that the company has decided to remove the promotional price and sell it on MRP. If you are planning to purchase the PS4 for Rs 29,990 then 2018’s Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, and Gran Turismo Sport game titles come bundled with the retail box.

Besides, buyers will also receive three months of free PS Plus subscription if they are opting for the 1TB PS4 Slim. There’s no information about the availability of the PS4 Pro. Notably, Sony’s own ShopAtSC portal has also changed the pricing of the PS4 Slim to Rs 29,990 and PS4 Pro is still unavailable on the official estore.

Though the company has increased the price of the PS4, it’s still much cheaper than the latest next-gen PS5 console. The Sony Playstation 5 was launched in India with a price tag of Rs 49,990.