PlayStation 5 Controller Teardown Images Shows the Internal Hardware

PS5 Controller comes with the haptic feedback feature.


PlayStation 5 controller is one of the best-looking controllers from the brand as of now and nobody wants to break it into bits and pieces. But not everyone thinks in the same direction. A report from IT Home suggests that an image of a teardown PS5 controller has been surfaced on the web showcasing the internals of the DualSense controller. Here’s a closer look at the controller.

According to the report, the pictures were posted by a rapper named Travis Scott. He posted the images on his official Instagram account but at the time of writing this article, the pictures were removed from the profile. However, folks from IT Home got the screen grabs of the images.

The shared images didn’t reveal the gaming console, but it does post with a title which reads “I will play until the sun rises”. This means that he receives the early access unit from the company and it quite possible that Sony has started shipping the PS5 consoles to celebrities and influencers for marketing.

Looking at the picture we can say that Sony has made changes with the appearance of the PS5 handle. The previous single coloured style has been replaced by a dual colour combination. The size of the controller has also been increased as compared to the predecessor. Sony has added new features like haptic feedback, the company claims that this will deliver a realistic touch experience while playing. For example, if you’re playing a racing game and your car or bike went into a muddy trail then the haptic feedback feature will respond to the sound and vibrate respectively.

IT House report suggests that the PlayStation 5 will be launched in the United States and some selected countries on November 12th, and the rest of the regions will witness the release on November 19th.

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