PlayStation Ultimate List of Popular Gaming Terms will Explain to You What n00b is

The PlayStation Ultimate List is a glossary of 109 gaming related terms which, as a newcomer, you may find really helpful.


Sony has published a PlayStation Ultimate List, coming up with a lexicon bearing over 100 words. The list is no ordinary one, and at the same time, bears clear significance. The reason – Sony’s PlayStation Ultimate List of popular, gaming-related terms is a glossary of some of the most common terms that you would hear among gamers. However, if you’re new to the industry, there is a good chance that knowing some of these would help you fit in to a group conversation on the latest Warzone exploits.

PlayStation Ultimate List: What it Comes With

Through this lexicon, the good folks at PlayStation seek to explain to you what a ‘n00b’ is. As the official definition on the Ultimate List says, “Often stylised as ‘n00b’, ‘newb’ or ‘newbie’, ‘noob’ is a shorthand for ‘newcomer’ and is often used as a derogatory term to mock inexperienced players, often in a multiplayer setting.”

What you would realise in due course through the entire lexicon is that a lot of terms essentially aren’t very gaming specific, but their presence in this glossary also clarifies that a seemingly normal term is important in the field of gaming.

With competitive gaming increasing manifold, the importance to have the right words to communicate in the middle of a tournament is high. As a result, if you have a clan of gamers discussing kiting tactics for the next round of Fortnite, it’s important that you know what kiting would mean. For reference, as per the PlayStation Ultimate List, kiting is “a tactic of leading an enemy away from their initial location to a more suitable area for combat, often drawing them away from particular hazards, or other enemies.”

The PlayStation Ultimate List has been laid out for players to peruse without any charge, of course. As a result, if you’re looking to learn how to escape ‘ganking’ in team deathmatches as a newbie, the first step – naturally – is to know what ganking even is.

As PlayStation tells us, ganking is “a portmanteau of ‘Gang’ and ‘Kill’, referring to any in-game death caused by a group of assailants.”